How do I Increase the Domain Authority of My Blog?

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  • Published: January 27, 2021

Domain Authority or DA indicates the authority of your website. With higher DA, your website has a better chance to rank on search results. It can drive more organic drive for your website, which is why DA is important for a website.

The metric of DA was developed by Moz. Based on several factors, it gives a ranking to the websites. The ranking is given on a scale of 0 to 100. You cannot change your DA score by yourself. Therefore, websites take some initiative to increase their DA scores.

Off-page SEO is an impressive way to increase your domain authority

You must have a good and strong link profile. Having low-profile links can affect your profile. You should have links from high authority websites, relevant websites, and from various domains. You should also get rid of bad links.

Next, you should ensure on-page SEO

You must optimize your URL, titles, short and long-tail keywords, images, videos, etc. Using formats that get higher ranking and using internal links increase your chance to rank higher.

Next, you should ensure on-page SEO

This one is really important for the user experience. You should include your website in a directory or index, ensure crawlers find your site. You must ensure a secure transferring protocol.

Responsiveness is another must-have feature

For any website. Your website has to be mobile device friendly. Furthermore, your website needs to be fast. If your website does not respond in less than 3 seconds, 40% of users can leave your site. This will hamper your DA. You can remove unnecessary plugins and optimize your content and codes for better speed.

Increasing followers or visitors can improve your DA

More shares, likes, subscribers can increase your ranking as well as reach out to more people. Increasing your social media reach has become important for your website to increase Domain Authority.

You should have relevant information like URL, contents or other things

You must provide accurate information for your website. It increases your authenticity, therefore, improves the domain authority. Lastly, you need to be patient as these processes might take some time.

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