Does performance UX improve SEO?

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: January 31, 2021

Performance UX is mostly used for existing websites to improve business. SEO might be important for a website, but UX is equally essential, if not more. A poor UX can increase the bounce rate of a website.

Through SEO, You Might Rank on Google Search

However, if visitors do not get what they were looking for, you will lose your position on the ranking. It will continuously drop, and after a while, Google will also understand that your website is not good enough. Therefore, you will not be able to rank anymore. There are three things you should ensure to rank more. These three indicators will let you know the strength of your website. They are bounce rate, time on page, and visited pages.

The High Bounce Rate Tells Google That People Visit This Website But Then Leave

Which means it fails to provide the expected results. Time on a page indicates the time a user spends on that particular website. More time spent means visitors got what they were looking for. If the visitors have not visited any pages of your website, that means you failed to deliver much to the visitor.

One of the major objectives of SEO is to convert visitors to a website into customers. A customer will only provide their information or be interested in connecting with you if you have good UX. With poor UX, people will not provide or do what you want them to do. Performance UX will increase the conversion rate.

The world is all about inclusivity now, and a website is no expectation. The more people can access your website, the better. You will reach more people. UX is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand and gets accepted by everyone. A website should be easy enough so that all age groups can access it.

Nowadays, UX/UI designers include features that will be easy to access by color-blind or hearing impaired people. These features take your website to a vast number of people. Furthermore, it improves your SEO and ranking on Google search engine.

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