Are Infographics Worth the Time and Money from an SEO Perspective?

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: May 15, 2022

Infographics are both a popular and effective method used in SEO. Saying that will be enough to clarify its signature. But why not go into detail and have a clear idea to justify its worth?

So, do infographics help you pay off when it’s about SEO?

Why is infographics worth the time and investment in marketing?

Let’s go through some facts and figures at first.

  • Compared to standard articles, infographics have 178% more links.
  • Infographic is present in 65% of brands.
  • B2C marketers’ 59% use infographics.
  • The view of infographic articles is 72% more than regular articles.
  • 3x more shares.
  • There are 30x more chances that people will read infographic contents thoroughly.
  • People can retain 65% of the information they get through infographics even after 3 days of reading.
  • In terms of following the instructions of infographics by the people is 323% better.

Every seller knows that the more you talk to your customer, there are more possibilities to buy your product or service. In digital marketing, that depends on what you post for your audiences.

And, it’s proven that visual content coveys more than text because it conveys more expressively. That gives the infographic content superiority in some cases.

An infographic content is never a rival to written content. Rather it enhances the effectiveness while these two go in parallel.

Color, charts, and graphs take over people’s attention from merely textual elements. It’s more effective and less time-consuming for the readers to absorb the ideas a marketer wants to share.

Also, it’s easy to go through each item with a tap nowadays because of evaluation in smartphone technology. Still, people hardly spend an extra second on a topic that seems tough to them. Infographic has the solution to this problem. It helps simplify a topic remarkably.

This is how infographics cut the distance in space and reduced the operation time people would need in doing operations materially. Less requirement of the workforce also cut the cost.

Bottom Line

It’s evident that infographic is not only effective in today’s world but will sustain till the far future.

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