After You've done SEO Audit, What do You Tackle First?

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: October 24, 2021

SEO auditing is a rigorous process to measure the performance of your site. Which eventually lets you know the lackings of your website so that you can make the necessary improvement.

Now, if you're done with the SEO audit of your site, you need to do some more hustle to make sure everything is going in the right order and your site is performing according to your need.

And so, you need to know the post SEO auditing aspects to make a greater and proper impact. Here's how.


You already know what you have audited. According to that, you need to measure your site's current status and the audience's response in the ongoing process. Measure the recommendation and tips of improvements from SEO experts with the outcomes of auditing.


It's time to do the precise planning for the next step of SEO auditing. Try to measure the impact if you make the necessary adjustment according to the audit report. It will help you have more effective results in the process.

Determine the Task

To make your planning a successful one, determine the time you need; the resource you should manage to tackle the raised problem. Also, consider the budget you require in the whole process of execution.

The Timeline

Time to make a timeline of your tasks to make everything happen as a part of the execution process. The timeline will help you to maintain the workflow and consistency in work. The duties may include specific milestones, goals that you came to know from the reporting cycle.

Achieve Your Desire Goal

With the collaboration of everyone and based on the measurement process and reporting, now you can go for the implementation process keeping in mind the budget, pricing and your ability to make things possible so that you can achieve your goal.


Auditing can be overwhelming, but you can implement the necessary task after the SEO auditing following the abovementioned process. Hope it can help you succeed in improving your site's performance and get the constant flow of organic traffic.

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