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What is High Ticket Digital Marketing?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: January 3, 2023

Do you have less profit even though you have a good amount of sales?

Then, you must think about having high-ticket digital marketing. It won’t require a big number of sales, but it will bring you a great amount of profit in return. However, you must know its features and the process to make it work. 

Wondering how to know all about it?

In the following section, you will learn about high-ticket digital marketing and its features so that you can utilize it for your business.

What is High Ticket Digital Marketing?

High-ticket Digital marketing is a low-cost, high-volume strategy to generate significant amounts of profits with fewer sales. Using this strategy, you sell your goods with higher profits even if you achieve low sales. When you have high-ticket products, you can generate profits starting with $1,000 or more.

These types of goods and services are usually more expensive and valuable. Even though you require a huge amount of investment for this, you will give your customers a high rate of return, for example, luxury cars, jewels, and high-end motorcycles. 

Also, these can be services like coaching, webinars, and training, or service that costs more than $1,000 but will offer great value to customers.

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

When you promote affiliate offers that have a relatively large commission, such as a few hundred dollars per sale, you are engaging in high-ticket affiliate marketing. They are usually incredibly expensive goods or services, which indicates that the seller will pay well for leads or sales.

High-ticket affiliate marketing generates revenue through quality promotion and optimization. The primary purpose of affiliates marketing high-ticket affiliate deals is to sell such things and services through content that focuses on fewer but more powerful sales.

Why Focus on High Ticket Digital Marketing Sales?

It is important to keep the customers and sales in mind while you are defining “high-ticket digital marketing.” There are two different types of client profiles in the world of digital marketing. Both low-risk and low-reward strategies and high-risk and high-reward want to go for small ticket sales.

Low-ticket sales can be a part of your long-term business strategy, but more than a few of them can harm your business growth. You’ll need to take on more clients if they are on a tight budget. Your acquisition costs automatically grow when you develop a strategy for how many sales you need to make a profit.

What is High Ticket Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Framework?

As you know about high-ticket digital marketing, now, let’s learn about the framework, which is also known as the 6A framework.


The first step of the 6A framework is addressing your “audience” and looking for the most suitable market segment. You can speak to those who work in the industry so that you can figure out the perfect client profile.

Also, you can locate this target market. In financial services, industrial services, healthcare equipment & services, and technology & software services, you can find a profitable high-ticket audience. 


Divide the whole amount of your services into little parts. Convince your leads that your chosen quantity is reasonable by underlining the value you’ll deliver. Make sure the amount you come up with considers everything – the time spent managing clients, overhead expenses like a tool, and software subscription fees.


You must manage and optimize your “assets” to convert your work process into a workflow. When you automate these tasks, it will replace the unsuited tools with suitable ones. A ton of software is available from agencies for project managementsocial media management, SEO, and automation. 


Once the quantity and assets have been established, you must gain “authority” in your market. You can accomplish this as you create lengthy blog posts, videos, and other informational contents that help your target audience address problems. 

Interviews on respected platforms will help you to build your reputation. Guest posts on well-known websites with your service or product links will also help you build one.

Attention & Action

The idea is to get people’s attention so that your potential customers can approach you. Get a positive reputation among your customers, and you’ll find it easy to attract new ones. Working through client recommendations and word-of-mouth can help you to get started.

What are the Pros Of High Ticket Digital Marketing?

High-ticket digital marketing can bring a lot of profit to your business. Some of them are. 

Wider Audience

You can reach a bigger number of audience this way. Like traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing has no territorial limitations and can reach a global audience.

The Huge Volume of Data

You will have access to a huge collection of information that you can use to customize your marketing initiatives. You may use this information to create more effective ads and landing pages with higher conversion rates.

With this information, you can make email marketing efforts more successful. One of the best marketing strategies is still email marketing. When you segment your email list, you can improve efficiency more. Thus, you’ll be able to send your readers more individualized emails, which will probably bring more clicks. 

Learn More: 10 Best Email Marketing Software 

Fewer Expenses than Traditional Marketing

High-ticket digital marketing efforts are usually less expensive than traditional marketing strategies. These allow you to create better ads. You don’t have much control over how your ad will appear in the case of traditional marketing. You won’t be able to design the best advertisement for your product or service.

But it will be completely under your control when you do it with digital marketing. As a result, you can design a great ad that receives better feedback from your target market.

More Profit from Fewer Sales

You can increase your profit. Selling expensive goods with a higher profit margin is the main goal of your high-ticket digital marketing. As a result, you’ll get more money from fewer sales. 

Instead of charging per transaction, you can charge a flat cost for each item, allowing you to conduct specials and hourly or daily deals. If you have many consumers, this will be extremely handy. Let your customers know the best times for buying so they can save money. 

What are the Cons of High-Ticket Digital Marketing?

As you know the pros of it, let’s now learn about the cons so that you can be careful about it.

Less Control

You can’t control much about who sees your ads and landing pages when you are using digital marketing. As a result, some potential customers who had bought your product already decided not to buy anymore after watching your advertisement. As a result, your sales number will suffer.


Online competition is very much strong when it is about getting a high return on your investment, so you’ll need to have very powerful marketing strategies.

You may find it really expensive to use digital marketing. To operate a great marketing campaign, you will need to make a good amount of financial commitment. You’ll have to spend money developing commercials, working with an agency, and purchasing ad slots.

Even if you’ve never advertised your items, the majority of your potential customers already know about a lot of others like them. So, to stand out in the competition and get their attention, you must produce extremely strong and creative advertisements.

What are the Strategies for High-Ticket Digital Marketing?

Choosing the appropriate marketing channel is the first step in putting an expensive digital marketing plan into action.

Create an Offer that No One Can Ignore

Offer something to your customers as you take their contact details. It can gather a lot of potential customers for your service. 

Create a Great Landing Page

You must have a single objective in mind, which is turning your visitors into your potential clients. A strong headline, a clear proposition, and persuading advantages are all you need here.

Reach out through Social Media

Work with a digital marketing firm or a professional marketer to generate interesting and effective content. Gere, your social media content must be powerful and have a strong call to action.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Platforms for High Ticket Sales (2023)

High-ticket affiliate marketing platforms are used by hundreds of independent marketers and business owners to generate thousands of dollars in revenue each month.

According to Statista, marketers will spend $8.2 billion in the US this year on affiliate marketing programs.

The top high-ticket affiliate marketing platforms that can afford to pay their affiliates well are listed below for 2023.

1. Authority Hacker: Best for High-Ticket Marketers

Commission: Earn Up to $990 per sale

Authority Hacker: Best for High-Ticket Marketers

2. Fiverr: Best High Ticket Platform for Freelancers

Commission: Earn Up to $150

Fiverr: Best High Ticket Platform for Freelancers

3. Kinsta: Best High Ticket Platform for Everyone

Commission: Up to $500 + 10% Monthly Commission

Kinsta: Best High Ticket Platform for Everyone

4. SEMrush: Best Reliable High Ticket Platform

Commission: Up to $200 per Subscription Sale

SEMrush: Best Reliable High Ticket Platform

5. WP Engine: Best High Ticket Marketing Platform for Online Business

Commission: $200 per sale + 35% of StudioPress theme sales

WP Engine: Best High Ticket Marketing Platform for Online Business

To Wrap Up

As you know about high-ticket digital marketing, you can now apply it to your business. You can easily get a higher income with fewer sales. It will also help you hold a good number of long-term customers. But for that, you must ensure that you follow proper tactics and consider the negative aspects while working with it. 


What is Considered a High Ticket?

High-ticket items cost a lot to buy but are extremely precious to the buyer. For cheap goods or services, you pay nearly every day. But you usually purchase expensive goods occasionally, so you do not bargain while paying for such items. As a result, it creates a good amount of profit for the seller. 

How Much do High-Ticket Affiliate Marketers Make?

High-ticket affiliate marketers make around $6,523 every month. It can go up to $78,282 annually. There are even a lot of renowned affiliate marketers who earn more from this high-ticket marketing every year.

What is an Example of High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

A well-known brand among high-ticket marketers is Fiverr. It gives marketers a lot of opportunities to create a good amount of profit. Any business owner can benefit from it, whether you run a blog, write copy, or build websites.

What is a High-Ticket Online Business?

It is a marketing method that you can utilize to generate a good amount of profit from fewer sales. The platforms you’re promoting determine the money with high-ticket affiliate marketing. You can easily serve your online platforms with its help, no matter if it is a website, blog page, or ecommerce. Such platforms can generate a huge number of new customers and profit between $50 and $500 per month.

What are High-Ticket Items?

High-ticket items are goods or services that are both valuable and expensive. They are quite expensive yet provide the buyers with a good value. These items are things like jewelry, high-end bikes, and vehicles. 

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