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What Does CTA Stand for in Marketing?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: August 24, 2022

Have you ever seen a photo on Facebook or Instagram, loved it, or put a comment? Or maybe you have added an item to your Wishlist or Cart from ecommerce websites. In both cases, you've taken action through a button (either knowingly or unknowingly) called CTA.  All businesses look forward to selling their product or service or improving engagement. And CTA or the Call to action button helps in this purpose.  But what is a call to action? what does CTA stand for in Marketing? How to place a CTA on your website, or what makes a good CTA? Let's find all the answers in this blog.

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action (CTA) is an action that appears on a website and instructs the user to perform a particular action. A call to action usually appears as a button or hyperlink and is written as a command or action phrase, such as "Sign Up" or "Buy Now."

What Does CTA Stand for in Marketing?

Allows your target audience to take a certain action, whether buying a product, getting more information, interacting, or improving engagement. As per your purposes, you can add several CTAs.

So, what are examples of a Call to action (CTA)? You must have come across terms like 'Buy now' or 'Sign up today'. Or simply, if you visit the VISER X website, you can find CTA as shown below image:

CTA Button in VISER X site

We find them either in button shapes or in hyperlinks. In terms of marketing, adding CTA makes your target market respond. Typically, you will find the CTA section at the end of sales copies or all over them.

Small and medium-sized businesses rely heavily on CTA while carrying out digital marketing. The average conversions generated by CTAs, regardless of industry, is 4.23%.

Adding a CTA button can drive your target customers to take the next step. Let's know in detail what does CTA stand for in marketing.

What Makes a Call to Action Important?

The call to action is an important factor of a webpage since it serves as a guidepost for the user, telling them what to do next. Users may not be aware of the next actions to take to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter without a clear CTA, and they may leave the website before completing their goal.

A call to action helps reduce barriers as a user moves down the sales funnel by making it appear to potential customers what action to take next. If there are several desired actions for the user to complete, there may be more than one call to action on a page.

Some Common Examples Using CTA's

You frequently see them on web pages, advertisements, content, email, and online forms. The purpose of a CTA can vary because a marketer can have various goals.


Facebook CTA allows its users to like, comment, and share on their posts or allows a user to like, comment, and share others' posts.

Facebook CTA Example


You can like, comment, or share others' posts and vice versa using CTA's as shown in the picture.

Instagram CTA Example

Similarly, YouTube or other social media use CTA buttons to engage users more and interact.

Similarly, you can use the Call to action button while writing marketing copy to indicate changes or move the reader further.

For instance, While writing content—to be more specific, while writing the introduction, you first hook your reader.

And then you push to read more by including text like – Read on, Read more, or Learn more. Marketers integrate simple text and graphics to create CTAs.

What are the Types of CTAs: 7 Different Types

Typically, there are 7 different kinds of CTAs. As the Call to action definition example suggests—they are used for the same purpose. But the objective for CTAs will have differences. You will understand it better once you have a look at the types.


These are made to convert a visitor into a potential buyer. Don't want to buy? The prospective service can add different CTAs, including different offers.

Leads: Another types of CTA


Even filled up any from online after visiting a website? This is to transform an unidentifiable visitor into leads.

Forms: Another types of CTA

Product/ Service Discovery:

This arrangement will make you check out more products. For example, the related product shown in Ecommerce giants like Amazon.

Product/ Service discovery


This one is the most common. Because of social media, the word you come across most is 'Share'.

YouTube CTA Button

Continue Reading:

If you have a 'Read more' or 'Learn more' button in the post, the readers will keep reading to discover an offer. A common example is our blog section.

Another types of CTA button

Evert Promotion:

You will often see many advertisements for an event or a particular session come with the option for 'Register now' or Subscribe. These sort of CTAs helps a great deal in arranging event or session properly.

Evert promotion: CTA button

Closing Sales:

All sales pitches don't generate sales, yet you must set a plan for the next step. And that is your Call to action for closing a sale. For example—after a pitch, you can include a CTA button saying 'Check out the product now'.

7 Tips to Make an Actionable CTA

As useful as CTAs can be, bad CTA cannot invite your audience to interact further, discover, or experience whatever you offer. Read up on the aspects below and learn how to make the perfect CTA.

  • Keep it simple—the point is to give your audience a push.
  • Add a sense of urgency—you need to drag it strategically up to add a CTA. That means your CTA also contributed to forming the urgency.
  • Make it relatable—if you can do it, your target audience is already halfway to checking you out.
  • Make it clear and concise—too many ideas can confuse your reader. And that will cloud their judgment to take your service.
  • Direct customers' pain points—your target is to solve a problem of your customers by offering you service.
  • Avoid using CTA with too many design elements—make the box small and simple yet noticeable.
  • Test the button, including the color, size, and font of a button.

CTAs and A/B Testing

Advertisers have discovered data from the CTA to be an excellent chance for A/B testing, which evaluates the effectiveness of marketing strategies. For conversions, language and presentation are important. When given the option to "try it free" or "access now," those who dislike the term "free trial" can behave differently. It is possible to conduct testing almost in real-time, adjusting the CTA as information on click-through rates becomes available, especially in digital marketing.

A CTA may be the ultimate factor of an advertisement or only one of its many steps. Multiple CTAs will be present in sales filters where leads are gathered, managed, and converted.

In a Nutshell

CTA is part of your sales copy to drive your audience to take the step you want. If you can make a good CTA, you can achieve the goal of providing a service or product. Furthermore, you can create personalized CTA nowadays as they can convert more.

And in case you need assistance driving sales for your business, reach us to get a fruitful outcome from your marketing campaigns.



Look at the following answers. They will provide you with further clarification on CTA.

What is a CTA in Social Media?

You can include CTAs (Call to action) anywhere on the web. That includes social media platforms as well. CTA is a strategy in digital marketing for encouraging your target customers to take a particular option.

In connection, social media CTAs have no fundamental difference from CTA used in other places on the internet. Some common social media examples include Buy now, Follow on Twitter, Like us, Call now, etc.

What is an Example of a CTA?      

Some of the most seen CTAs (Call to action) are – Download Now, Buy Now, Watch now, Register now, etc. You must have seen these written texts on a button-like background. Additionally, you will frequently come across them on social media, websites, and emails.

What Does CTA Stand for in Ecommerce?

CTAs (Call to action) are utilized to make your customers or audience opt for something. And it could be anything, such as, one might want their customers to go for a special deal for that you include an eye-catching section with text like – 'Get 10% off'. Connecting with that, in an Ecommerce site, i.e., Amazon, you can find the CTA—'Add to cart', 'Add to list' etc.

What 3 Elements Should be in the CTA?

A perfect Call to action or CTA button consists of 3 main elements – 'Add actionable words', keep the text precise and short, and offer what you provide. That could be your unique selling proposition. However, you must not exaggerate.

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