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What Are The Best Paid PPC Ads?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: August 25, 2021

Did you start your new business and thinking about advertising? Every platform differs, but it is essential to know the right PPC platform for your ad! The better the PPC platform you choose, the better annual sales you will receive.

Now, let’s focus on the platforms to help you grow, starting from their matrix!





Lead generation


Brand promotion



Google Ads is known to be the best for digital marketing. Researchers estimated around four million searches through Google every minute, and advertisements are always visible through it. Other than texts and images, one of their powerful advertising tools is videos.

Google Ads is the best option for small businesses or start-ups. Their PPC ads are low-cost with many benefits. While start-ups can start their campaigns, a developed company can broaden its state while competing with similar brands.


  • Has an ability to sustain and perform better
  • Google provides common types of information


  • Costly if campaigns are indefinite
  • Being too specific may result in loss


Regularly, Facebook ads appear in our news feed, and people checking out the pages are free and more helpful for a company. These CPM-based ads are typical, but most people choose CTR to be cost-effective.

This ad platform is easy to use. A unique feature of the platform is finding analytics that quickly targets the audience. However, people get considers a page automatically while they search for similar content.

People use this platform for entertainment and socializing; unless a post grabs their attention, they ignore them. So, it is necessary to be engaging and relatable, which creates chances to increase CPC and visibility of companies. Moreover, companies might use the platform for brand promotion and marketing as there is worldwide content.


  • Manually created ads
  • More engagements result in more profit


  • The company cannot delete customers negative reviews
  • Posts always need to be creative and attention-grabbing


LinkedIn is a social platform which is for professionals where around 700 million users are active. This network helps industries to recruit and eligible individuals to seek jobs.

In this developing world, this platform is very user-friendly for recruiters and job seekers. This platform target active users based on different categories, which uses the PPC method for lead generations. A key feature is to provide proper descriptions for users to understand the requirements before they apply for the job. It also helps industries save time as most eligible people are using.


  • Job opportunities from different industries
  • Get connected to well-known professional industries
  • Specified and filtered targets


  • Mismanaged campaigns turn costly
  • Incomplete descriptions would lose applicants

To summarize, digital marketing is growing, so utilize them while there is still time. Starting a business is already a significant risk, so taking another risk would not harm much!

TIP: Choose the best PPC platform based on your objectives, budgets, and goals for effective results.

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