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How to Boost Youtube Video to Get More Views?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: July 31, 2022

Getting only a few views on your YouTube videos is frustrating. The struggle is real! You are Investing your time and efforts but end up with fewer views and subscribers.

So thinking of ways to increase your video views? Well, boosting your videos might solve this, but you must do it properly.

This blog will show you how to boost YouTube videos to get more views aside from paid ads—targeting the right audiences, optimizing the descriptions and video length, and maintaining all the technical aspects.

What are 'Views' on YouTube?

When some watch your video, it's considered a 'view' on YouTube.

To be more specific, each time a viewer intentionally plays and watches a video for at least 30 seconds is considered a view.

That means a view is:

  • Every time a user deliberately starts a video on their device and watches for at least 30 seconds, it counts as a view.
  • You watch your own video will be counted as a view.
  • Every time a viewer watches your video more than once, it counts as a new view.
  • YouTube videos that are shared on Facebook or that are embedded on other websites will also be counted as views.
  • Live sessions

What Does Not Qualify as a View?

The algorithm on YouTube can detect any plays that are automated. It identifies how many people intentionally watch your video.

Therefore, it won't be regarded as a view in the following case.

  • Views that come from a single user or a bot repeatedly refreshing a video.
  • Views that come from a website automatically playing a video are not added to your total views.

Promote YouTube videos: A Complete Summary

  • Promote your videos and channel on radio, television, websites, discussion boards, newsletters, and other social networking sites. In as many websites, blogs, and publications as you can, link to your YouTube channel.
  • Create YouTube badges for your website that showcase your YouTube presence and link to your YouTube channel using YouTube APIs.
  • Allow embedding so that others can share your content. To embed your videos on your website, use the embed URL that is provided with each video. Send the blog addresses to anybody who might want to use your content.
  • Include as much of the UPC, EAN, ISBN, MPN, model number, and brand in your video tags if your videos are product reviews. Add tags like "UPC: 0606449056822, MPN: RND2150-100NAS, Brand: NetGear" for the ReadyNAS Duo, for instance.
  • Don't be shy about approaching the YouTube community and requesting their subscription.
  • Encourage viewers to like and subscribe by using video descriptions and banners.
  • On the video pages, enable comments (you can always delete comments or block users).
  • Make it easier for people to find videos on your channel by organizing your content into playlists according to themes.
  • Engage with your audience by requesting suggestions, comments, subscriptions, queries, and shoutouts.
  • Promote competitions. Use titles with power.
  • Any video uploader can display their video content on YouTube by using YouTube Promoted Videos, which focuses on individuals who are interested in seeing their content.

How to Boost YouTube video: Two Methods

Basically, there are two methods—one is advanced, and another is basic.

Let's know about them in detail.

The basic method

This method is simple. So, don't get all frightened by seeing so many instructions. Just go through them and follow them to boost a video.

  1. Enter into the YouTube studio of your channel. Next, find the video you have uploaded so far and select the one you would like to boost.
  2. Once you have chosen a video, you can see the three dots on its right side. Click on the vertical dot-set for more options available to you once you.
  3. Click on PROMOTE. It will launch Google Ads. You need to sign up there to create an ad, i.e., YouTube video boosting.
  4. Next, choose how you want an ad to appear. After that, put a headline and some description to confirm the video.
  5. Choose the target audience.
  6. Finally, set the amount you want to spend on that video.

The advanced method

This method allows you to use Google Ads Manager to target your YouTube video correctly.

  • Step 1: Log in to google ads manager.
  • Step 2: Select the box labeled—Consider brand and product.
  • Step 3: Then select influence consideration from the video box.
  • Step 4: Select the budget and the dates and name the campaign
  • Step 5: Place the advertisement you have chosen in youtube search results, i.e., Preroll.
  • Step 6: Select a language and a country.
  • Step 7: Choose your audience.
  • Step 8: By having google analyze a website, choose the keywords (any website)
  • Step 9: Set a spending limit for google ads for this youtube video campaign.
  • Step 10: Next, paste the video URL and include a website URL

Now, wait for a while to get the confirmation of the YouTube video boosting. And remember that you must pay to promote YouTube videos.

11 Ways to Boost YouTube Videos for More Views

So, how to increase YouTube views by yourself?

You see—people do a lot of stuff to promote videos. Sadly, all of them don't work out. At least not for everyone.

Here are some strategies that typically generate positive results!

Make compelling content

It doesn't matter how many paid advertisements you run so far. The quality of your videos is more important.

Wondering what are some effective ways to produce YouTube material that will get more views? One of the popular categories is making "how-to" videos.

Make videos relevant to the needs of your audience, and find out what your potential clients want to know. It will certainly get more views.

Encourage your audience to subscribe

Ever heard the proverb, "Your best new customers are your old customers"? To put it another way, customer retention can be a powerful strategy to expand your business. And it applies to YouTube as well.

You can ask your audience to subscribe to your channel in every video you upload. Besides, if they find the video helpful or find it entertaining, they will subscribe to your channel. The best time to ask to subscribe is at the beginning and end of videos.

Invite people to follow your YouTube channel. Once click "Subscribe," be sure to remind them to activate the notification bell.

In this way, subscribers will receive notifications each time you upload a new video. Thus you can increase your subscriber base and acquire more free YouTube views!

Offer playlist of video series

Viewers will watch more and more if your content is good. However, you might lose an opportunity if they need to search and play your content each time. Creating a playlist can keep them stay on your channel for a long.

The simplest way to make a YouTube playlist is to find each video you want to include and click the "+" icon to the right of it.

So, what makes playlists so effective? Auto-play.

When videos keep playing, it is difficult to get your focus away from them—it's called "loss aversion."

According to the concept of loss aversion, the pain of losing something is twice as awful as the joy of getting something as satisfying. With regard to that, auto-play gets people hooked, and you get more views.

Add watermarks to videos

With watermarks, you can advertise your channel on each of your videos and increase your subscriber count and obtain free YouTube views.

What is a watermark here?

A watermark is essentially just a picture you can create to appear on all of your recordings. And a watermark on YouTube will ask viewers to subscribe appears when they take their mouse over it. Most brands make use of their logo.

Keep in mind that before you can upload a watermark to YouTube, your account must be verified. Additionally, you cannot pick and choose which of your videos can have watermarks. As it seems, either all of your videos will have watermarks or none of them.

Upload a YouTube trailer with your best content

You can make a small video featuring some of the best videos on your channel for new visitors.

It's a wonderful chance to display your content type and emphasize the advantages of your channel. It can also encourage viewers to subscribe as well.

To make a trailer, make sure the initial few seconds are dedicated to the most interesting things you have to say. For the rest of the trailer, show the gems you have in the channel.

Create customized thumbnails for all videos

According to YouTube, 90% of top-performing videos contain a customized thumbnail.

A thumbnail is a preview picture for a video. An excellent thumbnail reflects the video objectives and appeals to more viewers to play the video. Therefore, if you want to increase your free YouTube views, this tiny picture is crucial.

YouTube offers the option to select one of the automatically created thumbnail pictures when uploading a video.

However, you have the scope to show your creativity and create a thumbnail on your own. It should be consistent with your brand, as a strong thumbnail image can make your films stand out.

Optimize video titles

In case you were not aware, YouTube is a search engine. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is important.

Like Google—YouTube's algorithm considers a variety of factors when finding which videos to display in search results. Why not utilize this?

YouTube lets you add names, titles, descriptions, and tags to your videos so that you appear in a certain search. Thus, provide as much information as you can.

On the other hand, it is vital that you are aware of the keywords. That way, you can confirm for which keywords YouTube ranks your videos and channel.

Increase social media exposure of your channel

Got fans on other social networks? Then you need to let them know whenever you add a new YouTube video.

The smartest way to accomplish it is to post a preview of the main video. For example, you can make a one-minute preview for a brand-new YouTube video. Then you can share it on your Facebook page along with a link to the full version redirected to your YouTube channel.

A social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite can make things even simpler. However, don't limit yourself to social media. You can incorporate YouTube videos into website pages, relevant blogs, and email marketing.

Activate the embed link option

You spent a lot of time making an outstanding video. Now you want your fans to share it on their blogs and websites! For that, you must allow the embedding option.

What is embedding?

Embedding lets people place a video directly into their website for users to watch them without leaving the site.

So turning this mode on allows people to copy the embed code for the video and post it on their website or blog. Thus, more website users can use your videos, increasing their views.

You can also reach new audiences and increase views by enabling people to embed your videos on their blogs and websites.

Optimize the channel

To establish your brand and increase your YouTube views, it is essential to optimize your channel. Gladly, YouTube offers different options for channel optimization.

The following elements are essential to optimize your channel.

  • Make sure that the branding on your YouTube channel matches that on your website and other social media platforms.
  • Improve the description of your YouTube channel. This is displayed on the "About" tab of your channel that allows you to write 1000 characters. Make the most of your character limit.
  • Give links to your social media accounts, website, and contact details. Overall, make it simple for viewers to learn more about your brand.
  • Research and choose the keywords you want your channel to appear for in the search results.
  • Enable related channels. If not so, you will be taking your channel out of YouTube's suggested videos by turning it off. As a result, you will be less spotted on YouTube.

Create transcription for every video

Transcriptions can be a great option if you want to introduce your videos to a global audience. Sometimes your audience will require a transcription because of a language barrier or a disability.

So, suppose you have an audience worldwide. In that case, you should make it easier for your viewers to relate to your content by making transcriptions for them.

How to Make a YouTube Video

Starting from scratch? In that case, before knowing how to boost YouTube for increased views, go through the following suggestions to make a video.

Prepare a plan for the video

You must plan your content before you begin creating a YouTube video. Prepare the message you want to convey to your audience. Also, plan where to place a call-to-action button. This is crucial because viewers want to be motivated to take a specific action.

Develop a script

Start writing your video script based on the video plan. Try to use audience-friendly and relatable language.

Also, avoid using technical jargon in a video. And if your storyboard is brief, avoid writing a lengthy script because it won't deliver a viewing experience.

Make a list of the scene shots

Making a shot list will help you to consider the small details, such as camera positioning and lighting. Once you are done composing your script, be sure to make a shot list.

It should include everything that contributes to direction—such as the camera arrangement or action/dialogue requirements for each scene.

Set up the scenes

Is your video going to be live-action, animated, or both? What kind of props would you require when filming your video to keep your YouTube viewers interested throughout the entire time?

The questions are important because they will help your film appear more professional.

Video editing

Once you have shot several takes of each scene, you can start editing the video to remove minor errors.

At this point, consider whether each word sounds natural at this point. Also, remove any phrase or scene that does not blend in with the rest of the film.

Uploading the video on YouTube

You can post your video to the YouTube platform along with a title, tags, and description for the audience. These elements will make it easier for your audience to find your video.

(Tip: You can upload the video and then boost it. Or you directly promote a YouTube video that you have uploaded before. )

To make it simpler for your viewers to browse the channel, consider including thumbnails and captions in your video.

Now, you can start with the video boosting process.

How to Promote YouTube Channel? [Tips & Tricks]

You can promote your YouTube channel on various platforms.

That includes – social media, websites, blogs, magazines, TV, radio, forums, newsletters, and other social networking platforms. It is known as cross-promotion.

Here are some tips for promoting your channel.

  • Connect your channel with social media accounts. That way, more people will know about your channel.
  • Create a catchy yet precise and descriptive title for your video.
  • Share videos of your channel on both sites so that people go to your channel to check out. Also, add some brief descriptions of the video to persuade the visitors.
  • Share a link to a relevant YouTube video in posts.
  • Create good content. This way, people will undoubtedly like your video.
  • Make high-quality videos so it looks professional.
  • Constantly interact with your target audience by responding to all their queries. You can post a response video.
  • Do Q & A sessions on YouTube by encouraging people to send you questions via tweet, email, or comment.
  • Push your viewers by utilizing the Call-to-action strategy.
  • Make your brand look consistent on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Make sure to use different captions for videos.
  • Collaborate with social media influence related to your niche.
  • Keep posting and link your channel on social media posts regularly.

Now You Can Start Boosting

It is easy to advertise your products or services on YouTube. The only thing you need to make sure of is you are doing it properly.

That's why brands spend money producing YouTube videos. And to get views, they create paid advertisements.

Sadly, simply boosting is insufficient to generate views. Furthermore, since businesses depend on budgets, how long can you keep an advertisement running?

Thus, you must take the actions advised above to increase the views of your YouTube videos. And remember, running a successful YouTube channel requires following the correct procedures.

Need to know more about the process? Get in touch with us for reliable assistance.


Have further inquiries. Here are a few more important questions below.

Can I boost a post of a YouTube video?

Yes. First, understand that you can either upload a new video or create an ad for a video that is already uploaded. And the link to the video is needed in the boosting process.

To boost, go by these steps –

Go to YouTube Studio from your YouTube channel > Find ‘Content’ in the left hand side > Upload a video or hover over to the target video > Click on the ‘Options’ and ‘Get a Shareable Link’ of the video > Go to Google Ads account >  Create campaign > Campaign type (e.g. Video) > Campaign subtype > Ad setting: Select Budget, Inventory, Network, Conversion > Select audience > Placement of the video > Bidding > Add new video > Video Ad type > Paste the video link you copied earlier > Call to action > Headline > Create Campaign.

You need to check if the ad is running. And YouTube must approve it first. So, after 'Create a campaign,' click on 'Continue to Campaign.'

Next, check if there is a green dot beside the video. That means your ad is active. Also, check the 'Status.' You need to wait a while to get it approved by YouTube.

How can I boost my YouTube video for free?

There is no free way to promote YouTube videos. But the video could get more views if you develop decent content, employ a few more marketing strategies, and use the Ad manager wisely. In return, you will obtain more exposure and a boosted video for free!

How can I boost a short YouTube video?

Short or big, the boosting process is the same for all videos.

So first, select a previously uploaded video or upload a new video. Then click on the ‘Options’ and ‘Get a Shareable Link’ of the video > Visit Google Ads account >  Create campaign > Campaign type (e.g. Video) > Campaign subtype > Ad setting: Select Budget, Inventory, Network, Conversion > Select audience > Placement of the video > Bidding > Add new video > Video Ad type > Paste the video link you copied earlier > Call to action > Headline > Create Campaign.

How do YouTube videos go viral?

A video can go viral for a variety of reasons. For example, it must be closely related to huge demography. In any case, videos need nice graphics.

Nevertheless, depending on the context, even videos with poor graphics can go viral. The next step is to make a video resourceful so that viewers get the necessary information.

Additionally, one must talk in an interesting way about whatever you are displaying. In other words, the writing, acting, and visuals must all be compelling.

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