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How does Email Marketing Come under Digital Marketing?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: July 7, 2021

Email marketing a form of digital and direct marketing both at the same time. That is because, through email, you are directly communicating with each individual. Again, since you are using an online or digital platform for this communication, it is part of digital marketing. To be precise, email marketing is the method of communicating with your customers individually in the digital marketing platform.

Necessities of Email Marketing in Digital Marketing

Easy to Reach: You can communicate with your existing or potential clients based on the database straightforwardly through email.

Fruitful Communication: An email helps to get the immediate attention of the client. As a result, you get helpful feedback.

Minimal Cost: Usually, a personalized interaction is a costly one. However, email is not the same. You can communicate personally without any cost.

Result-oriented: As I have mentioned before, through email, you quickly get feedback. And you can imply that feedback to make a better outcome and gain your clientele's trust.

More Traffic: When your clients realize that you actually care about their opinions and convenience, they will visit your website more and become your loyal client base.

Convenient to Track and Manage: When you communicate through emails, you will get the status of your clients quickly. You will track and take steps accordingly.

Quick: Certainly, responding to emails is quicker than responding to queries on the portal. Most of the time, the online portals give automated replies. But with email, you can provide the correct answers to your clients.

Gaining Trust: When you express your concern for your clients and treat them as a priority through your emails, they will believe in you more. That's given.

Hacks to Excel Email Marketing

Make Your List Based on Research

A lot of companies buy the list of potential customers. That may bring you trouble in place of benefits. That is because if you are emailing to the wrong customer base, they might mark your address as spam. As a result, if they want to get something you sell, they will not come to you, as they think you are disturbing.

Do Not Jump to Product Marketing Immediately

Your email should have the tone of a conversation. Of course, you will promote your product or service; but you have to be subtle. If you are too eager about selling your products, the person you are mailing might get offended.

I hope now you are well aware of why email marketing is a part of digital marketing and more. 

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