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How Do I Promote a Landing Page for Free?

  • Post By: Sarah Jordan
  • Published: May 15, 2022

Landing pages have one primary purpose: to drive conversions and leads. They provide a place for audiences to complete a specific Call-to-Action (CTA).

However, you can’t do anything if there’s no traffic to your page. This article will provide you with six ways to promote your landing page for free.

Six Ways to Promote a Landing Page for Free!

Share Your Landing Page with Email Subscribers

Although you mainly use a landing page to widen your audience, you can use them to improve your relationship with existing customers. Since you already have information regarding your audience, you can send links to your landing page to loyal followers who find your value proposition relevant.

Reach Out Directly

Another way to boost organic traffic to your page is by approaching customers directly. Although automation is lovely, it does not have the human touch you can achieve by contacting directly. You can reach out to people you think you can help, those you admire or those who have joined your mailing list.

Use Social Media

Social media marketing has a vast potential to drive traffic to your page. Instead of posting a link on your story or page once in a while, it is a lot more effective for you to directly help out potential customers by sharing your knowledge before asking for anything in return.

Post on Forums

Online forums are often-overlooked places. They are helpful for both market research and promotions. You can visit forums that are relevant to you, and then you should spend time engaging with the community outside of your promotion, so people don’t assume that you’re just another salesman.

Create your Community

If you want to leverage your social media presence a little more, you can open a Facebook group focused on a particular topic. This gives you more control than posting on forums and limits your reach.

Content Marketing

Creating content that shares your expertise with people for free is a great way to get your name there. You can create high-quality video or blog content and include a link to your landing page, and you will have a good chance to rank on search engines and thus drive traffic.

Bottom Line

The best way to promote your landing page for free is to engage with your prospective audience as much as possible. You will have to make them believe that your value proposition is in their best interest, and then they will respond to your CTA.

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