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How Do Consumers Benefit from Advertising?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: November 22, 2020

Advertising has always been a part of economic growth. From the beginning of time, advertisement is essential in businesses. At first, sellers used to shout out about their goods to attract customers. Then came newspapers, leaflets, and posters. Manufacturers or producers made attractive posters to get attention from their customers. So, we should know how consumers get benefit from advertising.

Gradually came billboards and TVCs. Finally, the booming time of the internet arrived. Now we are living in the time of online advertising. As more than 4.5 Billion people are using the internet, this is the most dominating area for advertising.

The consumer market has become extremely competitive in recent times. New ways of marketing or advertising are coming out almost every day. This constant advertising can become very annoying at times. However, advertising can be beneficial to consumers too.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a way of making a product, service, or idea to reach a broader audience. It is used to pursue the public for a specific outcome. Usually, advertising is a means of communication between a product manufacturer and the products' potential customers.

Advertising is marketing a product or service to a broad audience in a non-personal way. Advertising is done to create an opportunity for sales by letting people know about a specific product or service.

However, advertising does not always have to be related to sales. Awareness creation or charity advertising are some prime examples of non-profitable advertisements.

What Does Advertising Do?

Lets us know about brands, products, services, or ideas. When simply put like this, it does not sound like much.

Now imagine a world without brand awareness or brand recognition. What if you don't know about KFC and Domino's. You see two names, KFC and Domino's.

As you are craving Fried Chicken and French fries, where will you go? If you don't know who offers what or what they are good at?  Just because of advertisements of these two brands we have seen for years, it is engraved in our mind that Domino's is good for pizza and KFC is for fried chicken.

Let's take another one. Coca-cola and Aquafina - these are just two names. How do you know you can drink these two products? How do you know one is purified water and another one is a carbonated soft drink? Well, I guess you know the answer now.

How Do Consumers Benefit from Advertising?

There is a common misconception that advertisements are made to brainwash you to buy a specific product when it comes to advertising. It could be true for some ads, but not for most of all. An advertisement can have other objectives as well. Moreover, ads can be beneficial to a consumer too.

Increase Knowledge

How will you know what a manufacturer or company has to offer? Through the advertisement, of course. Advertising is the way for companies to make you aware of their products or services. So, knowing about a product is not just beneficial for a company, but for you too.

Brand Awareness

A goal of many brands to advertise is to create brand awareness. Through advertisements, consumers become aware of brands and what they have to offer.

Product Awareness

From advertisements, consumers can also know about products. What is available in the market, what new things are coming, consumers can get an idea of these from advertisements.

When a consumer knows about brands and their products, they can compare among the products. They can choose which one suits them best or which one they want to buy.

Price Comparision

Knowing the prices of different products gives you bargaining power. You, as a consumer, can compare the costs of the same product of different brands. You can decide whether a product is worth the price, which brand is giving it at a lower price, etc.

Imagine you have to buy detergent, and the brand does not matter much to you. All work pretty much the same; it removes stains and gives a refreshing smell.

However, you came across an advertisement where one particular brand is giving 20% off on their detergents. So, you will avail that offer and buy the detergent at a lower price. Your action of purchasing the advertised product is the result of advertising.

Time Saver

Advertisement can save you time. Suppose you are scrolling through your social media and thinking about buying a new phone. Right at that time, a new mobile phone ad pops up. You got to know about one of the latest mobile phone releases. But you did not have to waste time searching for one.

Most of the new releases, updates, and offers are advertised so that you do not have to put much effort or time into shopping. You can have a hassle-free shopping experience due to advertising.

Exposure of New Products

A brand or business has a duty to let their potential customers know about their products. It is not feasible for a consumer to stay updated with the thousands of products coming out every day. For this reason, they advertise their products or services to get attention.

As a consumer, you can see these ads in newspapers, TV, social media, etc., and know about the latest products and newer releases.


Advertisements make your shopping experience more convenient. Advertise agencies or businesses try their best to show their products or services without consumers putting any effort. This is why they try to place ads when and where the customer might need it. This practice, we can see mostly online these days.

A furniture manufacturer will try to share their ads when browsing for new flats, hoping that someone who will buy a new apartment will purchase new furniture. You do not have to look for furniture separately. The advertisement is placed for your convenience so that you are just one click away from your desired furniture shopping.


How Do Small Businesses Benefit from Advertising

For small businesses, advertising is the key to reach success. More prominent brands might not need typical advertising.

For example, Gucci does not need to pop up an ad for their newest bag collection when one is scrolling through your social media feed. Everyone knows they are a high-end luxury brand and sells luxury bags.

However, if you have a small business for bags and accessories, you must invest in advertising as many potential customers have no idea about your business. You have to reach out to them and let them know that you have goods they might like and purchase.

If you reach a larger audience, then you will get more customers. As a result, your business will expand, and your revenue will increase.

Advertising on The Internet for Small or Medium Businesses

As we live in the era of the internet, advertising on the internet is the most fruitful way to reach a broad audience. Nowadays we see advertisements mostly on the internet too. Manufacturers or businesses are also focused on advertising their products that are designed to fit internet users.

Advertisements for the internet are included in internet marketing. The style of ads for the internet is also customized to go with social media or other internet platforms. It is especially crucial for smaller businesses, as they need more exposure to grow.

There are several ways to advertise or market your product to the public through the internet. Some of the popular ones are SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), blogs, email marketing, email marketing, video, content and social media marketing, etc. If you follow a strategic way to promote your business or service, you can be benefited.

Paid service for internet marketing can be categorized into two parts: paid advertising and organic marketing.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertisement is the form of ad where you pay the price to show your ad. It is like you rent a space where you will put your advertisement. The price you pay is settled by negotiation between marketers or the ad space owners.

Some popular paid advertising include pay per click (PPC), pay per impression (PPI), and display ads.

Organic Advertising

Organic advertising is getting visitors naturally to your website without paying. This way, your popularity grows over time. Instead of showing your ad to the audience directly, you optimize your business so that when a potential customer is trying to find a related business, they will find you.

SEO, social media marketing, blog posts, etc., are popular ways of organic advertising.

Paid Advertising vs. Organic Marketing

The dilemma for smaller businesses comes when they think about where to invest in getting exposure. Two possible ways are paid advertising or organic marketing.

  • Paid advertising generates instant results, whereas organic marketing takes some time to improve gradually. You pay for a paid advertisement for a particular time, and your ad will pop up at the top. On the other hand, an organic website will slowly come up at the top.
  • Paid advertising gives short term result as long as you pay. You stop paying, and your ad will stop showing up to your viewers. Organic marketing grows at a constant pace. You establish your marketing strategies and watch your business grow.
  • Organic marketing needs regular upkeeping. You need to update your strategies so that the traffic increases for your business. However, paid advertisements require regular payment. You stop paying for it, and your advertising is gone from that space.
  • Organic marketing is targeted toward related consumers. On the other hand, a paid ad is for ready-to-buy customers.
  • Organic marketing increases credibility. People tend to avoid paid ads. From a searchers point of view, when someone searches something and see a paid post, they think they had to pay to be in that position, whereas organic advertised website earned their way to the top.
  • You have more control over paid ads. You can choose where to place your advertisement. On the contrary, for organic ads, you do not have much control. You can only implement strategies so that your advertisements come where you want it to be.


Advertisements have become very innovative, entertaining, and sometimes create awareness. Newer ideas are being introduced in advertising or marketing.

However, the main goal is still the same, which is reaching people as much as possible.

Many consumers do not realize the positive aspects of advertising. We have seen how do consumers benefit from advertising. Now we might get less irritated when an ad shows up.


How advertising work?

Advertising is made in an influential way so that the company or business gets the expected response. Ads could be made for products, services, or to create awareness.

How does advertising benefit a business?

Advertising helps businesses improve ROI. When an ad reaches a larger audience, more people become interested in that particular product or service. Therefore, sales increase.

How does advertising benefit society?

Awareness creating advertisements are made to benefit society. They are not made revenue. Drunk driving awareness, anti-pollution, racism, sexism, voting rights, etc. are topics that society needs to consider. Many ads are made on these topics.

How can an advertising agency help you?

Advertising agencies can help you with both paid advertising and organic marketing. If you want an instant result, you can choose a paid advertisement agency. If you're going to advertise slowly and steadily, you can go for organic marketing.

How do advertisements attract customers?

Advertisements are made to attract customers. The ad makers implement many strategical or psychological methods to create an ad more impactful. So, when a customer watches the ad, they get influenced, and the company receives the expected outcome.

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