Why Web Design Matters More Than Website Content?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: January 4, 2021

We are going to explain exactly why web design matters more than website content. Well, to summarize the topic in the beginning let's agree that a good design attracts readers.

A well designed website that is developed considering user interface and experience is better than the opposite. Go through the entire article, you will understand why the design matters the most for a visitor to keep they scrolling on a web page.

Why web design matters more than website content?

There are many reasons why design matters more than website content, but that does not mean the content is unnecessary.

But a well-designed website, app, or product can be more user-friendly and efficient. We have found three reasons for our research, which proves that design matters more than website content.

  • For user experience

A user likes to use an app or a website that is fast and efficient. Users do not want to wait longer than 2 to 3 seconds. Web designing can make a website optimized to run faster.

Sometimes a website can be a bit complicated as its directory may not be relevant or may have too many unnecessary buttons that confuse users. With a proper web designing process, you can eliminate such a problem and provide a simple and user-friendly interface for a better experience.

A good design of a website, app, or product will have attractive feature icons and images. The human brain perceives an image 60,000 times more than texts. A well-designed product will have efficient icons that make the product far more user friendly.

  • Better compatibility

A product, app, or website is much more user-friendly when you can use it on every digital platform. A user may want to use an app or log in to the website through mobile devices, personal computers, or both. In that case, a website or product needs to be compatible with any platform.

The compatibility of a product or a website totally depends upon the UX/UI designer. Without compatibility, content would be useless.

  • For a positive first impression

Whenever we visit a website, the first thing we check is its interface and design. We also check how interactive the website or the app is. Some websites are so well designed, interactive, and elegant that we like to revisit them for the design's aesthetics.

The first impression lasts long, and the first impression is always made by designing a website, app, or product. The attractiveness of a website and usability make the user feel more interested, and they tend to want more. At that point, content plays its role.

Finishing words

If you read the article carefully, then you should understand why web design matters more than website content. Our goal is to let you know that you should design your website considering UI/UX in mind.

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