What Skills does A UI/UX Designer Need?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: January 31, 2021

There is a thin line between UX and UI design. In most cases, one person does both UX and UI design. 66% of UX designer job postings require UI skills. Nowadays, companies hire UX/UI designers and do not separate these two into two different positions. The skills a UX/UI designer must-have can be divided into soft skills and hard skills.

One of the Most Important Soft Skills for UX/UI Designers is Communication

Communication is very important as the main objective of UX is to ensure the user's convenience. To do that, UX designers have to communicate with their clients a lot. They have to talk to people who will be users, interview stakeholders, designers. Not having communication skills will create an obstacle.

UX is About the Feel of a Product

Therefore, UX designers have to be empathetic. They have to relate to the users and understand their point of view to provide the best experience. If a UX designer does not understand their clients or the users, then they will fail to provide a system that will be convenient and comfortable for the users.

UX Designers Have to Be Organized As Well Otherwise, the efficiency of their task will drop, and the final output will not be satisfactory.


Hard Skills of UX/UI Designer Includes Ability Research

You can build an efficient system with enough research. A UX/UI designer who does not research enough will not understand the requirements for a system and will not be able to provide a solution accordingly.

After having enough information about a system's clients and users, UX/UI designers can analyze the information and develop a plan. They will need the capability to build an information architecture with the data. They have to get the best solution that will be best performance-wise, most efficient, accessible, and meaningful.

Lastly, the hard skill that a UX/UI designer needs is prototyping and wireframing. Using these, they can give a mock-up for the system they are planning to build. They can easily test the system or change something if necessary.Also, represent it to the client for validation.

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