What do UI and UX Designers Do?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: January 27, 2021

UI and UX are two elements of the same product. UX means User Experience, and UI means User Interface. Both combined create the perfect digital product. UX takes care of how the users are going to feel while using the product. On the other hand, UI is about the look of the products – the layouts or designs.

UX and UI are incorporated most of the time as they are connected.The UI or design has to be something that the users will feel comfortable using. Ensuring and testing the ease of a product is under the UX part. If the UX is not good, then you might need to change the UI.

If simply put, UX designers observe if a product is functional and UI designer ensures the product is visually appealing. For example, suppose you want to buy a chair. A UX designer will see if the chair makes any sense. Is it comfortable to sit on? Can you lean on the chair with ease? Is the cushioning good? Does it have armrests? Does it fulfill your requirements as a chair?– all these will be a concern for a UX designer to ensure the best user experience.

On the contrary, a UI designer will see if the design of the chair is attractive. Does it suit other furniture in the house? Is the color too bright or too dull?– these are the things a UI designer will work on.

Now back to the actual work of UX/UI designers. Surely, products for UX/UI designers does not mean chairs. The products they work on are mostly digital products or systems. UX designers might work on some physical products. However, a UI designer is always concerned about the digital interface of a software or system.

A UX designer determines if a system is easy to understand or easy to use, the positioning of buttons, navigation bar, content, etc., are in user-friendly places.In contrast, UI designers design interface that is soothing or alluring depending on the product. Whether the theme goes with the client's persona, the design is attractive and interactive, etc.

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