What are UI and UX Design Principles?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: June 6, 2021

Trying to figure out what are UI and UX design principles? UI and UX are two different terms. While UI is the product's look, UX is the feeling or experience of the users while using it. Both of them work together to give an excellent presentation of a product or service. In modern times, businesses are focusing more on UI and UX design.

Significance UI/UX Design for Business

UX/UI design is a significant part of all the startups for a product to stand out from the crowds. The role of  UI/UX is as much important as a software developer nowadays. A good User interface gives a solid User experience to the users. The whole point here is to engage more and more audiences through a stable interface and a good experience.

What to Learn First?

If we consider the order for UI and UX design learning, UX will come first. One can create a good User interface when he understands the User Experience better. UX focuses on the customer's attention and engagement.

UX works like brainstorming before getting started with the User interface. This researches on observation, goals, and targetted audience before developing the Interface.

Resource related to what to learn first.

Design Principles

When it appears to a mobile application, the User Interface (UI) is a crucial part. The user interface determines the interaction of a user to a mobile application. Appearance and functions fall under the user interface.

User experience tells if the app is going to engage more audience in the market. People are going to use the app if the overall user experience is excellent and easy.

There are some basic UI design principles for mobile application development. One should focus on the app icon at the very beginning. This feature is the first thing that will engage the users of the app.

Next to focus is the color combination. For an attractive interface, the color combination plays a significant role. Next, the context should be easily understandable.

More focus requires on interaction design, such as usability, goal-driven design, and Feedback. A good User Interface will bring a better User Experience.

Final Words

If you want to engage more people in your custom mobile app, you have to focus more on the UI and UX. It is easier to generate a good return on investment when a customer gets a good user experience.

A good design quickly establishes the value of your brand. The more interactive the application is, the more audience will get fun using it. Users are the individuals who will eventually evaluate your brand.

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