What are the Basic Android UI Design Principles?

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: June 14, 2021

What are the basic android UI design principles? Yes, there are some basics that UI/UX designers consider when design any application. UX and UI is the key thing that gives a solid overall experience of the app to the users.

However, with an enriched user experience, a worthy user interface is also needed. Therefore, working more on the user interface helps enhance the android application's usability and attractiveness.

What are the Basic Android UI Design Principles?

There are some aspects the developer should consider during android application development. These areas help to create an excellent user interface for the app.

App Icon

App Icon is the first area to look into during app development. The icon will carry the identity of the application to the users. As you will be competing with thousands of others on the market, the icon should look premium. It is a must to use a unique design. The icon should be easily identifiable. Make sure that the app icon is relevant to the service you are providing.

Color Combination

You need a good color scheme to make the interface seem gorgeous and premium-looking. The application contents should be easily visible on an appropriately colored background.

If you have a brand, try to choose the color palettes that replicate your brand logo's color. The developer should experiment with the color combination of the contents and the background before publishing the app.

Implement Some Trends 

Some design elements become outdated after a particular time. In this growing world, people are adopting a new world with new designs every day.

Each android app developer should embrace the modern trends in the designing market. Do good market research before getting started with the development procedure. If you do not want to make the design look old school, following the recent trends will help.

Interaction Design

Interaction designs are an essential aspect of android application UI development. You can not overlook this area. Usability, feedback, and goal-driven design are the three significant parts of interaction design. In addition, you should ensure ease of use for the app. People will get fun using the app when it is flexible.

The feedback feature will validate the action of the user when they complete one. Lastly, a goal-driven design can fulfil the user's needs.


The design should be easily usable with the fingertips because the people will be interacting with the android application with their fingers. Therefore make sure the options are not too small for the fingers to handle. Also, place the opportunity with some gaps so that there is no chance of false touch.

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