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How to Write a Product Review: The Definite Guide

  • Post By: Anup Kanti Ghosh
  • Published: July 11, 2021

Understanding how to write a product review effectively is still a fundamentally important tool. Through this type of content, copywriters and columnists can send messages to a target that, very often, is particularly interested.

Reviews are one of the cornerstones of online content rating. They help make decisions, increase word of mouth, encourage sharing, and generating comments and discussions. Knowing how to master this type of text, understanding their nature in the first place can make the difference.

And so now I'll explain, in my opinion, how to write a good review of a product.

What Can a Good Review Bring?

The first step in knowing how to do reviews is to learn to define the objective of the review. The benefits that a well-made product review article can bring you are the following:

Increase in Visits

The potential customer tends to use the opinions they see on Google to carry out the purchase. Therefore, if you position your analysis well, you will significantly increase the entries to your website.

Get More Links

Product review entries have the potential to be very "linkable." A quality review can end up in a multitude of websites that will link to yours. In addition, this link may also be shared in specialized forums and blogs.

More Visibility

If you are good at analyzing products and articles, you will be considered an expert in time. When you achieve this status, your work will receive more attention, regardless of the quality of the product. This, of course, will have a positive impact on visits to your website.

Earn Income Through Membership

Did you know that you can get an economic return on your valuations? Affiliate marketing is derived from pages of web traffic towards the website of the merchant. If you place an affiliate link in the post, for each sale, it generates you will get a commission.

What Are the Different Product Review Styles?

There is no strict format for a product review. Depending on the product, user, usability, and other factors, there are different review styles. However, here are some product review examples:

  • Product Review for Affiliate Marketing
  • Blog Post
  • Customer review etc.


How to Write a Product Review: 4 Essential Steps

A product review, like a blog post or a news report, needs structure. In this case, the following approach might help you:

Product Presentation

Currently, given its success on YouTube and blogs, it is more common to use the term unboxing. In the presentation, you have to show the product as it has come to your hands. To do this, it is recommended that you address the following aspects:

  • Manufacturer's name.
  • Shipping information.
  • Quality of materials to protect the package during shipping, if you have them.
  • How did you get it?
  • Contents inside the package. That is cables, instruction manual, other types of accessories.
  • Physical characteristics of the main product.

Visual material can be of great help in this part of the narrative. You can choose to record it on video if what you want is to give it dynamism. In addition, it is advisable to take images of the packaging. You can also complement it with infographics with additional information of interest.

First Sensations

After the presentation of the product, it is time to tell what you felt when you saw and touched it. At this point in the analysis, do not enter into technical evaluations; say what it transmits to you.

You can mention if you expected it to be more or less heavy, if you like its touch or if the size is ideal for you, for example. In the case of clothing, you can mention how the fabric was to touch.

Before going into a detailed observation, you can briefly comment on a few things about the trader.

How to do reviews also implies knowing how to make the most of each part of the format. For example, many experts separate the unboxing part and the handshake part to expand on related content. In addition, they introduce keywords that help them in their positioning.

In-depth Analysis of the Article

Each product is different; therefore, there is no established script to carry out this work. Even so, if there are three points that you have to address during a review:

  • Objectives,
  • Characteristics and
  • Functionalities.

Within these sections, you can develop all the information that may be useful for the potential buyer.

The best way to do a good review is by discussing aspects that the potential buyer wants to know. For example, if you have a mobile in your hands, talk about the processor, the camera, or the internal memory. In the case of a cosmetic product, its composition, texture, and colors are of great interest.

Always try to provide the user with as much information as possible. For example, take photos of the product from different points of view. Even zoom in on points that you think are relevant.

The sites typically have two types of viewers, experts and novices, each with their own expectations. Throughout the review, try to address both, always trying to maintain a balance in the language.

Experts will appreciate more technical descriptions. And those with little experience will appreciate a summary at the end of each section.

Conclusion and Final Opinion

One of the key parts of how to do reviews is how to give an excellent closing to the criticism. To conclude a review you have to evaluate the product and show your opinion about it. Don't forget that you have to be as biased as possible in this chapter.

First, make a summary of the most characteristic points of the product and emphasize its virtues. Then, try to show the buyer how their acquisition can be beneficial. If the judgment is negative, specify the properties that do not advise its acquisition.

It is appropriate to make small comparisons so that the analysis is not reduced to demands and praise. Use this resource to compare functions and highlight what you think is convenient. Never speak ill of brands and products and, above all, do not try to generate controversy.

Finally, you have several alternatives to give your final evaluation. If you limit yourself to a certain product, you can opt for the classic method based on the scoring system.

On the other hand, if your field of work is wide, you can limit yourself to recommending the acquisition or not. The third option is to recommend the product to a specific audience. This is a frequent resource on websites with both expert and novice followers.

In Short, the Product Review Checklist

  • Use the product or service
  • Identify the problem and the promise
  • Describe the product
  • Give a verdict

Essential Points to do a Product Review That Converts

Before starting to design the structure of your analysis, you have to be clear about these ideas. If not, your ability to attract customers will be greatly diminished:

  • It conveys a real experience. The user wants to know everything about the product and how the analysis process has been. How is the packaging, how have you used it, its size, what you like the most, etc.? You have to describe exactly how each step happened.
  • Have your own style. Very technical, fun, simple, a mix between serious and conversational defines your attitude to review. It is essential that you always maintain it since changing your attitude every little time will reduce your credibility. And, of course, it has to look natural, not imposing.
  • Demonstrates knowledge. If you don't come across as an expert, the reader won't trust your analysis.
  • Be honest in your opinions. If you don't like something, say so. Don't be afraid of what users or merchants will say next. Instead, analyze the pros and cons of what you have in hand from sincerity and truth.
  • In the end, jump into the pool and say if that item deserves to buy it or not. If someone has landed on your reviews, it is, specifically, because they want to know your opinion.

Being too objective will not make you stand out from the competition. Keep in mind that today numerous web pages are dedicated to this. You will achieve success if the user trusts you and a special relationship is generated between the two.

How to Curate the Style of a Review?

The web is a very complicated place. Here, writing a good review will not help you reach the audience. You have to attain some tricks. Therefore, the advice is the most common:

  • The tone of voice must adapt to both the topic being discussed and the public concerned. Choosing a cheerful and youthful tone will make little sense if you are writing a review of a new financial service.
  • It is important to use the correct vocabulary. If there are "technical" words, they must be used in the right way. And if you're not sure how to use them, read up online.
  • The most "scholastic" recommendations: the periods must be short (20-30 words); paragraphs consisting of a few lines; blocks of text interspersed with subtitles and no larger than 300 words.
  • This last aspect is fundamental: the reader must be able to "fathom" the contents of the article. For this reason, subtitles are the ideal tool to do so.
  • Intelligently use bolds. This will underline names and titles but also capture attention. In this way, those who absently scroll through the article can be more intrigued by the words in prominence. They will stop and read the text.
  • Post to the right site. If you don't post in the right place, your review will remain unedited and unread. Fortunately, there are blogs and review sites where you can publish. In addition, each brand has an online presence that includes a space to receive reviews from users. These types of reviews are a great way to establish yourself as a qualified product review writer.


How to Increase the Readability of the Product Review Guide?

One serious mistake that most of the reviewers make in the product review essay is making it complicated to understand. You may put too much information and detailed data, but there is no point if the reader cannot understand because readability affects the reader's behavior and engagement.

This next part will identify a few useful principles that will help you ensure your review's readability.

Hierarchy to Make the Order

Let's start first with the concept of hierarchy. It defines how to read the content seen since not all the information in a text has the same importance. A clear distinction must be made between titles and headings, subtitles or citations from the rest of the body. For example:

  • Use bold.
  • Use italic.
  • Underline words or parts of a text.
  • Change the font style.
  • Change the color of a text.

For the highlight to have the desired effect, you must make sure not to use it excessively. Do not use more than once in the same text.

Another way to highlight a larger block of text could be to change the text alignment only in that block. For example, center a small paragraph. Make sure that this block is no more than 4-5 lines long and that you leave enough top and bottom margin in relation to the main text block.

Brevity for a Clear Message

An aspect not to be forgotten to ensure readability is the distance. It is the distance between lines of text and the length of the lines (the number of words they contain). The transition from one line to the next must take place smoothly and naturally. Remember to write short sentences and combine them with transitional words.

Headings to Improve Smoothness

Headings play an important role in drafting the text and must be of the right size:

  • Not too large to not disturb the smoothness of the content,
  • Nor too small to not break the balance of the hierarchy.

Also, you need to put the right space between headings and titles and the rest of the body text.

Use of Pictures

The images that accompany the texts also help to make reading more pleasant. They allow us to pause and complement the information we are reading.

They can be photographs, illustrations, animated gifs, videos, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Should I Write in a Good Review?

Be specific. The readers want to know the key information about the product. So, stop beating around the bush give the reader what they want. But then again, don’t make the review too short. Use more and more relevant information without making the article too stuffed.

  • How do You Write a Product Review Essay?

To write a good product review, you need to research extensively. There is many product review blog template to understand it better.

Apart from the first-hand experience, the other reviews will help you explore more about the product. Then start by using a few words about the overall experience. Get into the details and technical aspects later. Then finish by giving your honest opinion.

  • How do I Write a Good Product Review on Amazon?

To write a product review on Amazon, you must have an account. Then log into the account. There, you will find the section “customer review.” Click on that and start writing in the comment box. You can add your product photo and video. Also, give stars according to your review.

  • What is the Purpose of a Product Review?

The importance of product review is not describable in few words.

First of all, it informs about the product, which is the primary function of the articles. But also being sufficiently dynamic, it stimulates and entertains the reader. And finally, it can persuade a potential buyer to be intrigued to buy the product.

Final Words

In the era where video content is the master, the review can still take on an important role. Knowing how to write a product review will earn you a reputation and allow you to distance yourself from the competition. In the same way, it is also important to control the spaces where opinions are essential. Hopefully, our article will help you to better your product review. Let us know what method you follow.

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