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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Check out who is pairing up with you by using the same IP address like yours with the help of this Reverse IP Domain Checker tool. It just takes a single click to find out.

Super easy to use and reliable!

Just enter the domain name or the IP address you would like to run a check on. And thus, based on your query, the tool will scan and then, within a blink of an eye, will return your desired result.

Let's dig deeper into what this tool is all about and how using it will be profitable for your website:

What is Meant by the Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool?

The reverse IP domain checker tool is basically used to find the domain names that are being hosted on the same IP address. This mainly happens when people tend to use the shared server instead of going for the dedicated one.

After all, when several people use the same hosting for their site, it is very common to have the same domain names.

The leading reason for which people use this shared hosting, despite knowing how it works, is its affordability. They come with a super cheap rate as all sites share the same dedicated server using one IP address, ultimately following under everyone's comfortable budget.

What to Do If the Visitors Complain About Not Finding Your Website?

Website owners tend to use this tool whenever any visitor complains about not your site on the internet. As a result, there is two option ahead of you!

Firstly, you can ask the website hosting service provider and notify them about the problem. Secondly, you can run the reverse domain checker tool and find out whether all the domain names that is sharing the same IP like yours are functioning properly or not.

In case they are working accordingly, then understand that the problem is within your website. Now, if your site's code and other things are functioning properly, you are still having issues. What to do?

Well, for this scenario, it will ultimately refer that the problem resides and is happening due to your internet hosting service provider. Talk with them, so they can investigate the issue and try to fix it as soon as possible.

Why Should You Use the Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool?

There are plenty of reasons why you must use the reverse domain checker. In fact, it will save your website from a lot of problems, in case it is using the same domain name as like the other sites.

After all, if that website contains malicious things, then ultimately, according to Google, you both will be the wrongdoers as you contain the same domain name.

Here are the following reasons for which using the reverse domain checker is a must for your website:

Know who is using the same IP addresses as you!

This tool effectively helps you to know about all the websites that are sharing the same IP address as like yours.

Check your competitor's websites

Using this tool, you can even find out about your competitor's sites. And thus, see whether they are using dynamic or static IP addresses, along with how many other websites share the same address.


If you have a good neighborhood, then ultimately, it will positively impact your ranking, speed, and various other things, while, for a bad one, it will leave a negative impact on your website.

So, if you don't want such things to happen, make sure to check that whether the website sharing the same IP as yours are good or not. Thanks to this tool, you can know about it right away and take the necessary steps then and now.

Protect your website

They can also be used to attack the site's hosting server. For instance, if anyone wants to attack another website, then using this checker, they can know which websites have the same IP address as theirs.

And thus, upon finding and using the less secure websites residing on the same server, one can easily bypass the target website's security controls.

Many people are using these tactics to do this work. Hence, it is more than necessary to keep one website fully protected and know who else is using their IP address. So, depending on this crucial information, they can take the next step.

How Does Our VISER X Reverse IP Domain Checker Works?

You will not require any kind of assistance, special skills, or will face any trouble while using this tool.

Instead, just by following the below-listed steps as instructed, you can quite easily use the reverse IP:

  1. Open the reverse IP domain checker webpage.
  2. Here, you will see a textbox where it is stated to enter the URL you would like to conduct a check on. Just copy/paste or type it on the search box.
  3. After giving the input, you have to just hit the "Submit" button to begin the processing.
  4. Based on your query, the tool will run the scan. And thus will display the outcome on the screen, including the IP address of the domain you entered and the reverse domain names.
  5. Upon finishing checking the query, you can go back and check another one using the "Try New URL" button. You can check as many domains as you want by repeating the above process.

That's all you need to do to run this checker tool. Super easy!

How Can Reverse IP Domain Checker Help the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Having landed on the first page of the search engine results is something everyone aims to get. As a result, to grab that position calls for greater SEO, but then again, this process can get trickier as there are numerous parameters to consider.

One of those key parameters is certainly the web hosting. If you have a good web hosting and neighborhood, then things will be easier as this will work positively for the SEO. Similarly, it will work vice-versa for a poor web hosting.

So, how to know about this?

Well, Reverse Domain Checker is right to the rescue!

Thanks to this convenient tool, you can easily get all the information and thus take the necessary steps in case you have oversubscribed or shared poor IP addresses.

This single thing has the power to either make or break all your SEO efforts. Seems surprising, Right!

Let's know why this tool is necessary and how it can help the SEO:

Website Loading Speed

Is there anyone who likes to use a slow-loading speed website? The answer is nobody!

Besides, when you have tons of similar fast-loading speed websites offering the same services, then why will you use a slow one right!

And when this happens and continues for a session, it will tell the search engine that your site is not being liked by people and thus eventually will not rank it.

One of the leading reasons why most of the websites tend to have a slow loading time despite of implementing all the speed optimization strategies is due to their web hosting provider.

Such as, if it contains oversubscribed websites with the aim to earn more, then certainly this oversubscription will cause the site to slow down. After all, the server also has a limit to handle things properly. All these things in combined tend to affect the SEO.

However, with the help of this tool, you can know about all the shared domains within a few seconds, along with knowing why your site is having a slow-loading time. And when you know what steps to take, the easier it becomes to solve the problem from the root.

Sites Uptime or Accessibility

Your website accessibility tends to have a huge impact on the UX and the SEO ranking. The site which faces more downtime than uptime is bound to rank lower in the search engine result pages.

Besides, when there are too many poor websites sharing the same IP address as yours, then it tends to make your website inaccessible. So make sure that you are not sharing the same one with many websites, and even if shared, they must be all good.

Otherwise, due to them, you will be the ultimate sufferer, which you will certainly never want in your wildest dreams!

Security and Reputation

Web security threats are one of the concerning factors for every website owner. That's why it is more than necessary that you have a web hosting. If not, this will become easier for the intruders and hackers to easily breach your security and get hold of all the crucial information.

And when search engines find that any websites pose a threat to the users, then as part of taking action, they ban the site totally.

 Therefore, make sure to check who is sharing the same IP like yours. As if any of the neighboring sites host malicious domains, then along with affecting the security, it will even put a huge question mark on your site's reputation.

Why Should You Use VISER X Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool?

Nowadays, you will find tons of websites offering the same services. As a result, it becomes quite difficult to choose among so many options.

Well, it is quite normal to have such confusion in mind. This ultimately raises the question in mind why should I pick your one, and how is your one different than others?

We have made our tools using the latest technology to make sure that they serve the ultimate goal and give the most accurate result.

Let's know about the advantages you are going to get upon using our tool and how it is better than similar other tools:

Top-notch Speed

Who doesn't like super fast output? Everyone, right!

That's why we have designed our tool in such a way that it will never irritate our users. Instead, right upon giving the input, the result will be displayed on the screen, taking less than 5 seconds.

Totally Free of Cost

No matter how many times you use this tool, it will still be free of any underlying costs. In contrast, several similar providers are offering the same kind of services but taking a certain amount of fee. While, here, we are offering these services totally for free.

Besides, you will not even require to do any kind of registration or signing up. Rather just copy/paste and get the result. It couldn't get any more simpler!

No Installation Required

This is a web-based tool that you can use and conduct tests as many times as you want to, without needing to do any kind of download, plugins, or installation.

And the best part is you can use it by living in any part of the world. All you will require is an Internet connection and a smart device for accessing this tool.

Unlimited Checks for Free

Do you have plenty of domains to check? No worries, as with this tool, you will have no limitation on the number of times you can use this tool.

Which One to Choose Among Shared or Dedicated Servers?

Choosing a shared or dedicated server for hosting your website greatly depends on several factors. And as every website has different restrictions and objectives to meet. Hence, after looking into these crucial factors, take the final call based on your requirement.

The factors to look at are:


In the case of a dedicated server, the disk space and bandwidth are totally allocated to your site. Here, there is just no chance of sharing any resources. While, for a shared server, multiple websites are being hosted along with your website.

This, in return, will ultimately mean that your website will be assigned limited resources. And in case the limit gets exceeded, you have to pay additional charges.


On a dedicated server, you will have to bear all the operating expenses as no other organization will be sharing the server with you. In contrast, the expenses will get divided by the number of organizations using this shared server.


In comparison to the shared server, the chances of getting attacked by any viruses, malware, and spyware are a lot less on the dedicated server. After all, the installation of the security programs is in the technical team's hands.

On the other hand, for the shared server, the company in charge of the hosting will be held liable for the firewall and other security application installations.


With a dedicated server, your technical team will be in full control of operating the server. As a result, it ensures a smooth operation as you get entire access to customized options.

While, for a shared server, you will not get any such facilities, and the entire power will be in the server host's hands.

To Conclude

Reverse IP Domain Checker helps you to know about all the domains that share the same IP addresses as yours. Apart from checking your one, you can even check others. And thus make the comparisons of how they are doing good and which kind of hosting they use.

No need to pay any money by using our free tool!

Instead, you can conveniently use this tool as many times as you want to. Just do the following things as instructed, and you will be all good to go.

What are you waiting for? Use this Reverse Domain Checker tool and know how many domain numbers are using the same IP address as yours.

Frequently Asked Question

Have a look at the below commonly asked queries regarding the free reverse IP lookup and clarify all the lingering doubts in your mind:

Can you reverse search an IP address?

A reverse IP lookup is usually used to find the IP address records. They do this by mapping of the domain name to the physical IP address of the hosted domain device.

With the help of the result, you can ideally determine the virtual hosts being served from a web server and thus detect any vulnerabilities.

Can two websites have the same IP address?

Of course, they can. In fact, it is an extremely common practice which is known as shared web hosting. Here, the virtual hosts serve numerous hostnames on a single device using a single IP address.

Can you Google an IP address?

Absolutely. After all, all the IP addresses are available publicly and don't lead to any disclosure of personally identifiable information. Hence, using an IP lookup tool, you can conveniently check anyone's IP address.


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