Career Ignition

Career Ignition Program

Ignite your career with VISER X, a leading digital marketing and web development company. Learn skills to enhance your career prospects involving real-time projects from multiple sectors. Create lasting connections that will take you forward.

Hone Your Web Development Skills

Learn and improve your web development skills by working with expert developers. Work on complex projects and face challenges that will give you the invaluable experience you need.

Skills required:

  • Final year CSE students or fresh graduates
  • Familiar with basic programming languages
  • Basic understanding of web design
  • Keen on learning modern Web technologies
What is Pagination in Web Development?

Build Your Career in Digital Marketing

Be exposed to the cutting edge of marketing strategies with our experienced digital marketers. Know how to deliver clients’ expectations by generating a buzz for their products.

Skills required:

  • Final year students or fresh graduates
  • Up to date with recent social media trends
  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding of digital contents
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Gain First-Hand SEO Expertise

Work with our SEO team on real-time projects and learn the intricacies of search engine optimization. Learn from our experts to demystify Google and use it in your future career.

Skills required:

  • Final year students or fresh graduates
  • Understanding of Google search trends
  • Good analytical skills
  • Data and research skills
Search Engine Optimization

Upgrade Your Writing Skills

Let your inner writer grow and make your first additions to your writing portfolio. Gain skills to captivate readers by writing in-depth articles and copies.

Skills required:

  • Anyone wants to become a writer
  • Extensive research skills
  • Clear and concise English writing skills
  • Good grip over English grammar
Content Writing

Let Your Artistic Side Flourish

Learn graphic design and digital art skills to create eye-catching and unique visuals. Work on projects for a wide range of clients to grow and diversify your portfolio.

Skills required:

  • Anyone interested to learn graphic design
  • Familiar with photo editing software, i.e. Adobe photoshop
  • Creative and design-oriented mindset
  • Have an eye for detail
Graphics Design

Develop Your Administrative Skills

Gain human resource management skills to improve overall efficiency. Learn invaluable people and organizational skills that will remain with you throughout your career.

Skills required:

  • Final year students or fresh graduates
  • Critical thinking & decision-making ability
  • Good communication and leadership skills
  • Time management & problem-solving ability
Human Resource

Hands-on Advice

Get Hands-on training from our experts that will guide you through your future endeavors.


Future Opportunities

High performers will get the opportunity to become a permanent member of the team.


Fun Environment

Our helpful and friendly environment will help you adapt and learn essential skills quickly.



Enjoy flexible hours that will make it easy for you to manage your schedule around your classes.


Standard Remuneration

Our attractive remuneration rates will make your efforts and time worthwhile.


Wide Exposure

Get Real-Time experience on various projects from our wide range of clients from multiple industries.

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Our program is empowering students, nurturing creative minds, and supporting companies to create a talented and diverse workforce.


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