Best Video Conferencing Software: Enhancing Digital Media

Best Video Conferencing Software

Best Video Conferencing Software: Enhancing Digital Media

We are going to discuss the best video conferencing software solution that businesses need to keep stable their communication system. Small companies are using these tool for various purpose such as conducting meeting between employees from a different location. In any situation, whenever you want to hold any meeting face to face online, online conferencing software will serve your purpose entirely.

We know that several companies have multiple branches to expand their business, and they need it the most. Several general consumer video conferencing platforms are there to serve your needs. We are covering the most used and popular video conferencing software, including both free and paid. Let’s begin the discussion with knowing the video conferencing.

What is Video Conferencing?

Well, video conferencing is a software system that allows people to communicate with others through an internet connection. Different video conferencing service providers are developing their tool with a variety of features that will enable users to expand productivity.

In this current situation, the use and demand of the tool increased for apparent reason. Hundreds of companies are working from home, and they are employed like that. If you have some employee, those recruited and agreed to work from home, and then you are going to need the best tool for your professional purpose.

Professional meetings online when everyone on the list is not present at a single location can be done quickly with these video conferencing tools. Let’s see how the best video conferencing software tool can improve workability and speed up the projects.

How Video Conferencing Software Can Improve Productivity?

Whether you are running a small business or a large multinational company, you need to build a reliable communication system that will boost the workability of different project tasks. Small freelancers group who works under a company from different locations then the video conference tool is the best way to be connected with the team. Let’s see some benefits of using video conference software.

  • It reduces travel time and costs.
  • The tool enables client, provider, and team collaboration effectively.
  • If you can use a video tool, including all of its features, then your productivity will increase     at a large scale. Information sharing, company-wide team conversation can be made with     a video conferencing tool. A study showed in 2013, that video conferencing can improve      productivity by 94%.
  • If you have a small agency and do not have an office, then video conferencing tool is the     way to communicate with your team members. Hundreds of small startup agencies are     running this way.
  • Being ahead of your competitor, if your clients can talk face to face with you without any     hassle of being at your office, then most likely you will get more preferences from existing     and new customers.
  • Your team members will be more connected with themselves if you are using a video     conferencing tool. You will see the improvement when you observe their coordination after a     particular time.
  • It improves the meeting attendance of your team members because often owners are     finding it difficult to get an employee for an in-person meeting. However, when you use video     conference software solution, it is easy to engage employees in a meeting.

How We Picked the Best Video Conferencing Software Solutions

Video conferencing or live meeting on video conferences are growing. Many software developer firms are entering into the industry to grab the chance to do business out of it. Among those conferencing tool, not all are holding the same quality. We have used them all to make a list of the best. So that you can choose one that serves your need and you can also have the best of the best video conferencing cloud-based software.

We have used all of them and tested them because what we share as an article on our blog section must be helpful for you whoever needs it. It was not easy to make a list; we have analyzed features of all of them and tested while using it. Whenever we use any tool, we observe the usability of the tool, and we only share it with our readers if it is going to help you. Let’s read about some of the best-paid video conferencing software.

Best Paid Video Conferencing Software

We have mentioned earlier in this post that there are two kinds of video conferencing software you will find out there in the industry such as paid, and free. We have picked the best ones to make our list authentic. Here are our best picks on paid video conferencing software.


Price Starts From: $12/User/Month for 150 Participants

Applications: Available for both iOS & android

Free Trial: 14 days without any commitment

GoToMeeting is our first reviewed video conferencing software that allows users to conduct a meeting using their platform, including screen sharing and audio calling too. The software is from LogMeIn, and it is premium software that will grab your interest in it.

Nowadays, most of the people are trying to use mobile-friendly software so that they can integrate it with all of the devices they use. GoToMeeting has the ultimate mobile-friendly user interface that everybody loves. The user experience of the software is growing day by day. It has the professional design that corporate people can use it comfortably. Our experts are recommending it and listed as the #1.

RingCentral Video

Price Starts From: $14.99/User/Month for 100 Participants

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Free Trial: Free version comes with 100 participants for 40 minutes per session (Lifetime)

RingCentral is another industry-standard video conferencing app with features like screen sharing, audio calls, scheduling meeting, and records those meetings. You can integrate with the popular tool G-Suite and Slack because people use them to be connected with the team. No matter what device you have, you can integrate and sync everything into your account and use them from any devices. They have their software version for each kind of devices.

If you want a high-quality video conference, then RingCentral can be your choice. Small businesses can try their free version if they wish to because it comes for free. This particular platform has their built-in analytics board where you can see the usage of the service and track performances like activities.

Google Meet

Price Starts From: $10/User/Month for 150 Participants

Applications: Native Mobile Application for All Devices

Free Trial: Free version comes with 100 participants for 60 minutes per session (Lifetime)

Google Meet is another tool from Google, and it comes with G-Suite Package. Many Universities and Multinational corporates are using G-Suite for their professional purpose. They are recommending the tool as they are quite satisfied with what they are getting. However, audio, video meeting, file sharing, screen sharing are the core features you can see as a paid customer. You understand that Google is trying to cover mos the business needs and incorporating their service based on those demands. They have spread network that makes them super fast whet it comes to reach people.

Besides these, with the price, our experts are also mentioning it as a low-cost video conferencing software and recommending them for people who needs it. The layout design and user-interface developed in such a way that user-experience is improving daily. People who engaged with the G-Suite they are not returning to another service, and that can be a game-changer for a newbie user.

Zoom Meetings

Price Starts From: $14.99/Host/Month for 100 Participants

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Free Trial: Free version comes with 100 participants for 40 minutes per session (Lifetime)

Zoom is the most growing video meeting application that people are using comfortably. With one of the most attractive user interface and easy setup feature, it is becoming the most used software for corporate meeting purpose. Whether it is a client meeting or meeting with your employees, Zoom comes with great features. You can add up to 1000 people per session with up to 49 screens shared while the event is going on.

You can use any type of devices for Zoom, and start doing meetings with your coworkers. If you need a large number of engaged people, then big screens may be better for you otherwise in a small screen most of them will not fit into the small one. The tool also allows users to share files and text chat service for free. If you want to get a video conferencing software that will allow to record or search text messages from the past, then Zoom is for you.

Microsoft Teams

Price Starts From: $2.50/User/Month for 250 Participants

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Free Trial: Free version comes with video conferencing (Limit is not Available)

Microsoft Teams offers audio and video meetings company-wide or with clients when you are too busy or not allowed to go outside. You can host a meeting and add up to 10,000 people, and some people can join without membership. If you are inviting some people, then make sure to share your session URL so that they can use it and meet with you. The web browser version of Microsoft Teams can be useful because invited members must use the URL to join the meeting.

The software, you can integrate entirely with Microsoft 365, and it opens several facilities. You can schedule your meetings, and then add them on your calendar. You send notifications through the calendar to respective participants. Microsoft is a reputable productivity product developer, and its products have a market standard. In some cases, they are better. So, if you want to use branded service then here you go.


Price Starts From: $30/Month for 25 Participants

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Free Trial: 30 days without any commitment

ClickMeeting is a different kind of video conferencing software solution that will satisfy you with its attractive features. It is perfect for doing a virtual presentation, and the system the provider incorporated is impressive. You can slideshow your presentation, and if anyone wants to go through any slide, then they can take over the mouse and use it.

While a video conference if you want to get the opinion of the participants, then there is a polling system where you can set everything you want. It also has a system that allows the host to hold a question-answer session where people can question, and the host will answer as we do in a real presentation. We have picked this particular tool for its creative features that you may feel interested in trying.

Zoho Meeting

Price Starts From: $10/Host/Month for 100 Participants

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Free Trial: Free version comes with 03 participants (Session Limit is not Available)

Zoho Meeting is another service from Zoho, and they have a flagship product name Zoho One. However, Zoho meeting has all those features available you need to conduct an online meeting with whomever you need. The software comes with a reasonable price for a decent number of participants. You can use the software on any device and sync your data to those devices so that you can see whenever you want.

BlueJeans Meetings

Price Starts From: $12.49/Host/Month for 50 Participants for as long as you want.

Applications:  Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Free Trial: 07 days without any commitment

BlueJeans is another video conferencing tool that you can understand that it is quite colourful like their name. Though they do not have any free version to test their service with seven days, no commitment-free trial should be enough to judge their service. They are providing unlimited duration for any meeting, and it can grab your attention.

Their services seem to be less than other providers in the industry. However, after using their free trial if you think it serves your purpose correctly, then you can take their service. We have come to hear that they have thousands of national and international clients using their service with satisfaction.


Price Starts From: $8/User/Month for 15 Participants for as long as you want.

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Free Trial: Free version comes with one to one video calls for as long as you want.

Slack is a renowned productivity application that already has millions of users. You can use the app without any hesitation because we are using it for a long time now. If you are a small business owner, then they have a free version that should serve your purpose perfectly. After using their free version if you think they worth the price then you can take their paid service.

Most of the plugins, and other applications like G-Suite, calendars, etc. you can integrate them here. You can run polls here to get users opinions. You can set your status how you are working or anything you want to share as your status. Our experts are highly recommending this software for anyone who wants to get video conferencing software.


Price Starts From: $12.50/Month for a single host and 10 participants for up to 24-hours.

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Free Trial: Free version comes with single host & 10 participants with unlimited duration.

LifeSize is our last video conferencing software under the paid service providers. If you want to experience high definition audio and video conferencing software, then this is your software to choose. Well, we have picked the best products out in the market in the video conferencing industry. So, each one of them is better than the others. So, do not be confused that we are recommending each one of the lists.

LifeSize software has that provides almost each of the facilities that any other software have. The price for the service is quite reasonable and affordable for companies. If you demand to get a crystal clear audio and video screen while the meeting is happening, then you can choose this software. It will not disappoint you. However, they have a free version, try it and decide whether it serves your needs or not. If it is serving what you need, then purchase the paid version.

Best Free Video Conferencing Software

Apart from those paid video conference services, there are some providers also giving you free video conferencing opportunities. However, small businesses can use these free software for their purpose, and it is enough for them (in most cases). We have tested them and picked the best five. Let’s see their offers,


User Limit: 50 Participants

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Skype is the most popular video-chatting tool that we are using from the beginning. Microsofts brought this tool for being connected with friends and family. However, people using the software for corporate meetings, dealings, communicating with families and friends, and the list goes on.

Skype was a software-based service that comes in android, iOS, and desktop versions. Well, a couple of years ago they developed a web version of the software. You can now use it without downloading any application. In addition to that, it comes without any cost for inbound calls. The quality of audio and video is spectacular that you can use it in an unstable network as well. You can conduct a meeting with up to 50 people for as long as you want.

 8×8 Video Meetings

User Limit: 50 Participants

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

8×8 Video Meetings is another free software that gives you professional meeting experience without investing any money on it. However, with this software, you can do audio conference as well and chat service is a must for any conference app that it has too. It has the most of the features that paid ones have, including screen sharing and chat with another participant while the meeting is going on.

The best feature we have picked that you can raise your hand by sending a signal that will post a notice. The host will understand that you have a question, or you want to say something. You can integrate the software with Slack, Calendar app, office 365 and with Google calendar also.

The software has a sophisticated extension for Google Chrome and firefox. If you want to schedule any meeting to video conference, then you can do that using the calendar application and notify other participants. You can send the invitation as well through that calendar.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

User Limit: 100 Participants

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Cisco WebEx Meetings should be just fine for small businesses because you will get almost every required feature for free. Now, if you are a small business owner searching for a software solution that will give you free conferencing for 100 people then here you go. WebEx video conference service will provide it for free. Secret chatroom for users who wants to talk alone while they are attending a meeting, sounds interesting, right? You will get it for free.

The software has the functionality to let you hold an HD quality video conference with up to 100 participants. You can use their service from any devices because they have individual application for each platform. Synching all the activities on all devices is essential because you may need to see the activities or any text messages.

Google Hangouts

User Limit: 10 Participants from Desktop Only (one to one on mobile)

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web, & PC

Google Hangouts is another video chatting app that you can use for any communication purpose. Google brought this connectivity tool for people who wants to be connected with their close people. Quality of audio and video is outstanding because it is from Google. However, the hangouts service has two sections, chat service and meet. Hangouts meet comes with paid version under G-Suite.

However, you can make an audio conference with 150 people at a time, but only ten people are allowed when it is a video conference. You can chat with 150 people as well in the free version. Without any investment, it is a software that worth trying. You can try because for a small business of 1-10 people, and this app should meet requirements. The software comes with any device type, and there is a web version if you do not want to use it on any devices.


User Limit: 05 Participant

Applications: Available for iOS, Android, Web

FreeConference is another video meeting software solution that enables quite impressive features for free users. You can share your files, chat with coworkers as well as the screen-sharing feature is available in the free version. Most of the cases, people find these three features in any video conferencing application, and our list meets your demand every time.

Beside all these available features, the tool also has some limitations. You can arrange a meeting with only five people. However, you do not need more than that if you are running work from home office business. The software does not have a desktop application instead of that you can use their web version. However, they have apps for mobile devices.

Things to consider before choosing the best video conferencing solutions

Would you like to have a video conferencing software that will ease your hard work? Before you buy or download the software from the developer, you need to keep some vital considerations in your mind. We are going to discuss them in the below section. Let’s start,

User Interface

Using any software comfortably depends on the user interface of it. Usually, you will not feel satisfied while using software that you do not like. It will help if you choose a video conference software that has an attractive interface, and easy navigation system enabled.

Sound Quality

Audio quality is another significant feature that you must check before you buy a video conference tool. Clear sound will give a conversation experience that you will love. However, for a professional meeting, sound quality must be reasonable. Otherwise, your corporate meetings can be a disaster.

Video Quality

Well, face to face meetings will give you an excellent experience only if your software provides high definition video quality. So, choosing a software solution that has high-quality video service enabled. Read the features of the software on their website, and you will understand what they are providing. Make sure you are associated with a stable and quality internet connection.

Price Tag

Investment for video conference is really a matter to consider when you want to get it for professional purpose. Several brands have their product those are costly. On the other hand, several providers offering less expensive products. However, if you are a small business owner, then there are software those allowing small business to use for free.

User Limit

Check user limit and usage limit both because you need to choose one that meets your demand. Suppose you have appx. Twenty-five (25) employee then you need to buy a service that allows at east thirty users. If you need a small package, then choose like it. Each of the providers has packages for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and enterprise agencies.

People’s Review

Well, after checking all of the above factors, now you need to see what existing users are saying about the software. It would be best if you analyzed their review to pick the best video conferencing software out of hundreds of them. Try to reach your known people who are already using any software. However, if you can analyze above listed fifteen (15) video conferencing software, then we are sure that you will get one for your purpose.

Finishing Words: Best Video Conferencing Software

We have completed reviewing the best video conferencing software in the market. Our goal was to present the right information in front of you so that you can choose the best one for you. We have done hard work to make a list because it needs lots of work to review any item honestly.

We are not affiliated with any of that software that we will promote them for commission. We are doing it just for you to share a valuable resource with you. We are using many of them for our purposes and experiencing their features and will update this article. If we find anything that we think you should know, then we will add them here in the respective section.

FAQ: Best Online Video Meeting Software

People are asking many questions regarding video conference software because they want to know more. However, we have picked the most asked questions that people shared on different forums, social media, and other platforms.

What is the best video conferencing software for business?

Well, best video conferencing software can be different based on usability and features. However, if any software serves your purpose properly, then that is the best video meeting software for you. Check our list to pick the best one according to your demand.

How does video conferencing software work?

A video conferencing software provides features that allow users to communicate with live video with other people. Many software are there that providing the conferencing service, including file sharing, chat service as well. We have included a list of video conferencing

How to choose video conferencing software?

You can choose video conferencing software that has affordable pricing policy, better quality for audio and video. You need to prefer the one that provides everything you need, and if you read our article, then it will help you to make the decision.

What are the key features of web and video conferencing software?

Crystal clear sound, attractive user interface, HD video,  instant messaging, file sharing, groups, screen sharing, Shared Presentation, etc. are the key features of web and video conferencing software.

How much do web and video conferencing software cost?

Each of the providers has their own pricing policy based on their service features. It starts from $12 goes up to maybe $400. However, you can choose any package based on your requirement.

What is the best free video conferencing software?

Well, skype has a free version that you can use for informal meetings. For more professional video conferencing software, please check our list, you will get one for your company.

What are the benefits of video conferencing software?

Benefits of any video conferencing software are vast, including, productivity improvement, efficiency improvement, time saver, travel cost-minimizing are the most popular among them. If you want to use then start using, you will see yourself the benefits of using video conferencing software.