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Social Media Lifestyle: Impact of Social Media on Our Daily Life

How do I Improve My Social Media Presence

Let’s see some recent statistics:

  • There are 4.74 billion social media users around the world. (Kepios)
  • With 2.934 billion monthly users, Facebook has the largest number of social media users. (Datareportal)
  • Also, the number of social media users is expected to rise to 5.85 billion in the year 2027.

Evidently, we are strongly connected to social media. And Millennials and Gen Z are the most frequent users of social media.

This raises the question: what is the impact of social media on our daily life?

Social media has changed our lives in many ways. Some have good reasons to continue, and some have bad experiences to put an end to using it. That doesn’t make it good or bad. It’s all about how you deal with it.

This article will walk you through an extensive discussion about the overall impact of social media in our everyday life.

Let’s get started…

What is Social Media Lifestyle?

Yes, you heard it right. Social media lifestyle has become another genre, especially among the young generations. They are highly influenced by social media context and trends.

A media lifestyle arises from the interplay between possibilities afforded by the medium, access to media, the social context, existing leisure practices, and personal preferences. Thus each young individual weaves together a huge diversity of activities in a unique way.

Looking back to 10 years ago, you can realize how the lifestyle has changed.

How Has Social Media Changed Our Lives?

Social media influences our lives to a great extent. Many people think that it has a severe impact on the youth. But let me tell you, older people are also so into social media that sometimes the situation totally flips.

Sometimes I have to force my mother to the dinner table because she gets so busy watching lives and videos on Facebook. So, it has an impact on everyone’s life.

Let’s discuss social media’s advantages and disadvantages and how it affects everyone.

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Easy Communication


Nowadays, many young people suffer from mental health issues. So, at present, social media is a help to them because many people are available to communicate.

Though it doesn’t disappear the depression, it makes it easy. Sometimes, strangers are great listeners. Sharing and venting always help effectively.

Not only that, active communication with friends, relatives, or the people you can count on is a great remedy to your mental state in your regular life.


Sometimes easy availability causes them to go through bad experiences. For example, cyberbullying, trolling, roasting, etc. Nowadays, people tend to humiliate their disliked individuals on social media as revenge.

Cyberbullying is a difficult matter to deal with. Many suicide cases have been filed so far because of cyberbullying and trolling. These are severe matters that often normalize society. Only those who suffer understand the severity.

Vast Opportunities


There are many opportunities to acquire from social media. People use social media to make money by getting views in this era. So, social media brings you easy money. 

Many people upload and promote their cooking videos, gardening, or other recreational activities which teach something. So long story short, earning gets easy. Again different advertisements and boosting features add magic to it.


The backlash can be dangerous sometimes. 


There are a lot of reports of people getting killed just because of sharing their thoughts on social media. It means you may be able to utilize it, but you lack the freedom. People get triggered by many things you won’t even realize. So, it gets difficult sometimes. 

Apart from that, job circulars can also be deceiving on social media. Inactive users or older people get confused and can get deceived easily. 

Once again, cyberbullying is a fact here. There are thousands of examples of public figures being bullied and insulted. It’s not limited to the youth only. Rather, sometimes they are the sensible people in this type of matter.

Great Reliability


People now rely on social media to be updated about trending topics. Current events and important news appear on your feed from news portals or when your friends share it.

We tend to rely on Social media platforms as they ensure strict privacy and constantly upgrade their privacy policy. These platforms give many options to strengthen your privacy for safe and secure use. This is the reason why many people use social media platforms.


No matter how strong the privacy system is, simple spam can be the reason to lose your privacy.


Some quiz-generated fun activities or many interesting fun games keep appearing. A hacker can easily hack your id using these fake quizzes. You just need to be extra careful to avoid these situations.

All the factors involved have an equal impact on everyone. But younger people often are more conscious about trends, so they are vulnerable to using social platforms.

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Social Media Habits That Affect Our Life

As you can see, social media greatly influences us. Many people get influenced by everything they see on the internet. So whether good or bad, it severely impacts our lives to a great extent. But it depends on an individual if they are adapting to the bad or good sides.

Yet, there are some healthy and unhealthy habits everyone goes through using social media. Let’s dig into those facts.

Healthy Social Media Habits

The healthy habits for using social media are given below.

Limit Usage

Moderation is the key. So, set a limit to your social media usage. Fix a time that is convenient for you. But, try to avoid your phone during bedtime as it harms your sleep. Rather, you can play soothing music when you are preparing to sleep.

Use Purposefully

Do you scroll through Facebook and start watching random videos for hours? We know it’s addictive sometimes, which happens to most of us. 

It seems harmless, but trust me, it kills a lot of time you could use doing something useful. So, use your social accounts wisely, and make sure you don’t waste your time.

Get Inspired

Follow figures that inspire you, don’t follow negative influences. You can follow things and people based on your interest. Also, you can follow pages based on your talent and skill to improve them. So, use it wisely and don’t get influenced easily by negative content.

Live in The Moment

I have seen my cousins sitting next to each other so often, scrolling and chatting on social media but not talking to each other. It’s a common scenario now. But it’s a very bad practice. 

Communicate with the people around you, and enjoy every moment. These days won’t come back again. So, get out of the internet and cherish these moments.

Take a Break

If you feel that social media harms your mental health, don’t force yourself into it. Just take a break from it for a while. Sometimes taking a break is good for our mental health.

Unhealthy Social Media Habits

The social media habits that affect us negatively are given below.

Growing Fear of Missing Out

Many people are so obsessed with social media that they grow the fear of missing out. They think they are missing out on a new trend or a meme, so they keep reloading their feed. It can lead to severe mental conditions day by day.

Lowering Self-esteem

Many of us follow people who are not good for our mental health.


Many celebrities or people around us live the best life, which makes us feel insecure about our current condition. Not all of us, but many of us, go through this.

It bothers us to see their luxurious life because we can’t have that life. We feel sad, and most of the time, it lowers our self-esteem.

Negative Interaction

Many people fight over silly things on social media just because their viewpoint differs. Commenting or replying to someone fiercely is a negative interaction. Getting into these fights is not good for our mental health.

Obsessive Behavior

After uploading a post, do you return again and again to see how many reactions your post is getting? If yes, you are extremely obsessed with the social media lifestyle, which negatively affects your mind. 

Less like and reach make you feel left out, and you keep getting sad. These are not healthy habits for using social media.

You can leave these bad habits simply by following some healthy habits.

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There are two types of people. One uses social media as a time-pass source, and another gets controlled by social media. Social media is their lifestyle; they can’t imagine their life without it. Don’t be the second type.

So, give yourself a reality check when social media starts getting on your nerves. Focus on your real-life activities and spend most of your time doing offline activities apart from your office work. That is how you can have a happy and healthy life!


What is Social Media Lifestyle?

Social media lifestyle refers to following recent social media trends and inheriting some common traits based on common social trends. For example, sharing memes or checking in to different restaurants are common social media practices among Facebook users.

How Does Social Media Affect Lifestyle?

Social media can affect your lifestyle in many ways controlling your choice of food, clothes, daily life activities, and even psychologically.

What is Media Lifestyle?

A media lifestyle arises from the interplay between possibilities afforded by the medium, access to media, the social context, existing leisure practices, and personal preferences. Thus each young individual weaves together a huge diversity of activities in a unique way.

Is Social Media Part of the Lifestyle?

Arguably, social media has become a part of our lifestyle. You can hardly find anyone without using any of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

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