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Which Targeting Option Can Help You Reach People Who’ve Previously Visited Your Website

Which Targeting Option Can Help You Reach People Who’ve Previously Visited Your Website

65% of a company’s business comes from its existing customers. Therefore, retargeting past customers to advertise is a requisite.

Which targeting option can help you reach people who’ve previously visited your website? – this question will come up on your mind once you accomplish getting visitors to your website. Getting a huge number of customers just once does no good for your business.

For better business growth, you must turn your existing customers into regular customers. As a business owner, you want your customers to revisit again and again. Here remarketing comes into play. Let’s know more about remarketing and getting existing customers to revisit your website.

Which targeting option can help you reach people who’ve previously visited your website?

Remarketing or retargeting is a tactic that can help a business or organization reach people who have already visited their website. This tactic is followed especially to achieve returning visitors or customers.

Some might get confused with remarketing and retargeting. However, both are the same thing. Remarketing the same business and retargeting the already existing customers is the key to remarketing or retargeting. It is a popular method of marketing to increase sales.

However, there are different strategies for different platforms. It is similar to marketing, and most marketing strategies are implacable for remarketing. The only difference is, it is done for existing customers, not to get new customers.

Now that you know the answer to your question let’s dive into remarketing details and how it works.


Remarketing is simple – you market your product or service to your existing customers or visitors.

We have already learned that it is a method of targeting existing clients to advertise. However, it is merely the name of the method. There are several strategies in remarketing that can make existing customers engage with the business again.

Types of remarketing campaign

A remarketing strategy is known as a remarketing campaign. Remarketing campaigns can be categorized into five categories or types. They are:

1. Standard Remarketing

The goal of this remarketing is to display ads to people who have visited your website before. These display ads can come when they are browsing different websites or social networking sites. Your ad can come on Google search as well if your product is related to what the past visitors are searching for.

2. Dynamic Remarketing

This type of remarketing includes ads that are specifically tailored for specific visitors. These ads contain ad messages customized for a particular visitor that might trigger them to visit that website again.

These ads pop up depending on the visitors’ actionson the web. As dynamic remarketing is more personalized, it increases the chances of revisiting the website.

3. Remarketing lists for search Ads (RLSAs)

Google AdWords offers RLSA. It allows you to customize ad campaigns while past visitors are searching. It lets you modify your bids and ads for visitors who have been on your website. You can bid in two ways through this method.

4. Video Remarketing

You can show remarketing ads to those who have seen your videos or visited your website. For example, you can show video remarketing ads on YouTube. You can insert those ads either at the beginning of a video or in the middle. You can also display an ad on the right-sidebar where visitors get video suggestions.

5. Email Remarketing

Email remarketing can help increase your sales by convincing your visitors to make the purchase that they left when they were on your website. Some people might add things to the cart and left the website. Email remarketing encourages them to complete the purchase to other tasks that they left unfinished.

How does remarketing work

When someone is interested in your business or service, they might visit your website. At that time, you have to remind them what they need. You have to pop up an intriguing advertisement so that the customers make a purchase.

Remarketing can work in two ways:

Firstly, you need to remarket to the people who left the purchasing action halfway. You have to encourage them to complete the purchase. For example, someone has added a few items to the cart and left the website. You can then provide promo codes or discounts to influence them to complete the purchase. You can also offer free shipping to make them continue to check out.

In case you are wondering how to retarget website visitors, another good option is using Google Display Ads for those who have already visited your website. As they were interested in your website or service, they might be interested in some other product or service from you as well.

Your retargeting ads will show up in relevant places when your past clients are browsing the internet. Those ads can influence them again to purchase something as they already know your brand and credibility.

Goals of Remarketing

Remarketing or retargeting has three goals. Based on these three goals remarketing campaigns get introduced. All these three types of campaigns aim to get three types of consumers as follows:

Benefits of Remarketing

Undoubtedly there are benefits in remarketing, which is why remarketing or retargeting is still a widely used method of marketing and increasing sales.

Effective remarketing platforms

Almost every platform can be used for remarketing these days. There might be a different retargeting strategy for a different platform. However, it is best to remarket where you have a larger audience and where your existing audiences are most likely to visit.

Google Remarketing

Google has different formats for ads. Using Google ads, you can remarket on various websites and google search engines. Through Google Ads, you can display retargeting ads on different social networking sites or platforms as well. Remarketing to visitors of another website is one of the key benefits of google remarketing.

You can set your target audience, or Google can get data from your website to determine the target audience for remarketing. This information will then let you have a fruitful remarketing campaign.

You can customize your ads, have ads showed to a specific audience if you use Google ads. Remarketing in Google also costs less,and the success rate is higher.

Facebook Remarketing

Similar to Google, Facebook also has some features for remarketing. However, Facebook ads are only displayed on Facebook. When someone visits your website or Facebook page, they get tagged with a code. It tracks your past customers and shows them your ads when they are scrolling through Facebook.

Facebook has some remarketing tools like a customer list, website traffic, and app activity. Most general retargeting strategies can be used in retargeting Facebook as well.

YouTube Remarketing

YouTube has several ways of remarketing to its audience, and it is one of the best platforms to remarket. You get a very short period of time. Therefore, people who already know your brand or are interested in your products or service are more likely to engage through YouTube ads.

YouTube also offers a range of formats for ads. Display ads or skippable ads have the most success rate. These ads are beneficial to create an impression or awareness. Keep in mind YouTube ads have to be attractive.

To Conclude

75% of consumers know that they are being retargeted, yet they purchase from those brands again. This ensures that you should not give up on remarketing. Consumers actually prefer to buy things from a trusted and known brand or business.

Now you know that remarketing is the answer to the question – which targeting option can help you reach people who’ve previously visited your website.


A remarketing campaign lets you show ads to the visitors who have already visited your website. These ads are specifically customized to target existing customers or those who have visited your website.

Remarketing encourages existing customers to purchase again. Influence clients to complete a purchase or action who have left an action incomplete in the website. Customers returning and completing the expected tasks can increase sales.

There is no difference between retargeting and remarketing. Remarketing is also known as retargeting.

91% of marketers said that remarketing performed the same as search, email, or display marketing, if not better. Customers tend to prefer remarketing over engaging in a new brand or website.

Creating marketing lists is essential for setting up a remarketing campaign. With marketing lists, you have to select your target audience. This is the first step to starting a remarketing campaign.

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