How to Get Quality Backlinks for Website (2024)

  • Post By: Faisal Mustafa
  • Published: April 8, 2020

Jumping through the SERPs and makeup to the top position on the google search result page is the most desired goal for everyone working for it. Ranking on the top is not an easy task to accomplish.

According to Sam OH, the digital marketer at Ahrefs says that 94% of newly published webpages do not rank within a year in the top 10 results on google.

Gaining organic visitors is not accessible anymore. Competition is now higher than before, and you can break the wall by achieving quality backlinks pointing to your pages.

We are going to break down each proven strategies for your assistance in this post. Throughout the article, we are showing you every aspect of getting quality backlinks from those resource pages; you may think it is impossible.

What are You Going to Learn From Below Discussion?

What does it mean by a Quality Backlink?

How to Get Quality Backlinks? (Seven Proven Method)

How to Identify a Quality Backlink?

Advantages of Quality Backlinks

There are more than two hundred (200) factors, which altogether takes a webpage to the top of the SERP.

There comes the term SEO or Search engine optimization, which is the most heard term all over the internet marketing community.

Those factors are divided into two parts: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Backlink is a vital part of off-page SEO.

Backlink is one of the most significant factors out of those 200+ facts.

Backlinks are the most effective way to reach the top position of the search engine.


That is what backlink does to your webpages in-terms of the number of quality backlinks.

We are going to step by step explain all the instructions on how to get Quality Backlinks.

What is a Quality Backlink?

You can generate backlinks in many ways, but not all backlinks are going to help your ranking. In terms of quality, backlinks are two types, such as good links and bad links.

Good links will obviously help you rank faster to reach the top, and bad links are going to pulling you back some time it will lead you to a penalty.

How to Start Getting Quality Backlinks?

Now we have come to our topic of the most attractive way to get quality backlinks from websites of your niche.

There are white hat way and black hat way to get backlinks out there though black hat way is not effective nowadays after the penguin update in 2012.

However, we are going to discuss the organic and best working medium to get quality backlinks.

You probably heard from most of the renowned digital marketers that, content is king. But its 2020, you need to know that the theory of so-called ``content is king`` is not going to work now.

After the September 2019 update, many of the popular niche sites saw disaster on the curve of monthly visitors.

Now marketers are saying that content is not the king anymore.

If you want to compete in 2020 and onward, then you need to agree with new say, which is only ``quality content is king.``

There are several ways to grab people's attention to get backlinks from them by just sharing the content with them.

There several strategies that you can use to get quality backlinks. In below, we are going to discuss the best working strategies, follow them.

Write Awesome Articles

Quality content is now king factor of ranking higher in Google. An in-depth content which stands out among the other competitor as well as satisfies the visitor's intent and the search engine will likely rank on a better position on SERP.

Analyze the first ten results on search engine that ranked organically on SERP and create the best outline for your article. Include relevant terms and discuss them in your content.

Write content that everyone will like and link it in their relevant content.

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Start Guest Blogging

Reach out the websites in your niche, write for them, and get quality backlinks from that article of yours. Guest blogging is now on the pick, and you should use it wisely. During reaching out to the websites, you should be selective because you do not want to guest post to the low-quality website.

You must be tricky while guest posting, write quality content for the website where you are publishing it. If your content brings visitors to your guest post, there is a possibility; you will get some visitors from there too.

Reach Influencers in Your Niche

Reach popular influencers in your niche and pitch them your content. Find their email address in the first place. There are several email collecting applications out there online, and you should use the best.

Make a list of the influencers and prepare an outstanding email for individual influencer. People are using the same email for everyone. That is the mistake when you would make the influencer bore. Despite that, if you send them a hand-written email for individual influencers, they will think that you appreciate them as well as you can share them with your content.

If you do it correctly, then you may get some backlink directly from them. Sometimes those websites are not going to give you any backlinks. However, they will surely share your content (if it is worth sharing in their eyes) they will share your content on their social media profile. From there, you may get some quality backlinks for free.

Replicate Your Competitors' Backlinks

Analyze the backlinks of your competitors because it is the most effective way to get backlinks if your content is better than your competitor’s. You can find the list of your competitor’s backlinks from different SEO companies. Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest are the most popular backlink finding tools which will give you a complete list of your competitor’s backlinks.

Find their email address and make a list of the domain which gave backlinks to your competitors. It will help you organize and track your process. Use link-building tools like Ahrefs and send them a customized email address, then ask them for linking to your great content.

Link-building tools will help you to get the quality domains which has a decent amount of visitor as well as they have an overall good backlink profile. Read both of the articles carefully, and meaning is your competitor’s article, which got the backlink and the article from where the backlink came.

Now write a better article than your competitor and pitch it to those websites which linked to your competitor. If you do it according to the above steps correctly, then surely you will get a handsome amount to backlinks.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is an effective way to get quality backlinks from different domains in your niche. From the outside, you may find it less useful, but when you inform the website owner that there’s a broken link on their webpage, they will appreciate your effort towards them.

Your goal is replacing that broken link as well as pitch them your great content that relevant to their article and get a quality backlink from that particular article.

There are several informative resources out there online about broken link building. The great inventor of the skyscraper technique, Brian Dean, published an in-depth article on his blog.

Submit to Web Directories

There hundreds of web directories online in your niche. Find them and make a list of them because people in your niche may visit those directories searching for valuable resources. If you, too, submit your website in those web directories, then there is a possibility that they found your article worth mentioning in their content.

This way, you would get a decent amount of backlinks as well as some referring visitors, which will boost your ranking so much. Search engine like Google loves referring visitors as well as organic visitors.


HARO’s full form is Help A Reporter Out, which is a platform where many of renowned journalists submit their queries. All you need to do is registering on Haro as a source, and then you will get tons of questions from different journalists right in your inbox.

Most of the popular websites like the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Time, and the New York Times are actively using this service.

To get mentioned by the most popular and authoritative websites, you need to do is pitching them with an answer to their query in such a way that they can directly copy and paste into their article. Remember that your response must meet their needs.

Write your author bio and your website URL as your want to see in their article.

They will notify you whenever they publish and uses your answer in their content.

If you are feeling more curious about the process of using HARO, here is HARO link building guide.

What Makes a Quality Backlink?

Now how you know whether the link is good or bad? Yes, there are some facts that marketers tested and shared on their platform, as well as a search engine like google says about it.

However, let’s understand what those facts that show that what is the quality of the backlink?

Domain Authority

There is a metric known as the DA or domain authority that MOZ introduced a long time ago.

However, DA explains that how well the website is performing on different search engines.

Domain authority decided based on the inbound and outbound link profile, number of root domain pointing at a website is also a vital fact.

DA of a website can be between 1 to 100. Higher DA indicates that the website is more authoritative in its niche.


But if you get backlinks from a website related to dog food, that backlink is not going to help your website; instead, it can hurt your ranking.

For instance, let’s say that you have a website about technology, so getting backlinks from tech websites like the TechCrunch or the mashable would be preferable for you.

Relevancy of a backlink indicates how relevant the webpage is with its industry or niche. Backlinks from related websites or webpages that other influencers are recommending.

Anchor Text

An anchor text is a clickable part of a sentence may contain a single or couple of words is also known as a hyperlink.

However, the anchor text plays a significant role in ranking higher in search engines. The below image will help you understand what an anchor text is?


When it comes to ranking higher in search engines, you must keep your anchor texts optimized.

There are a few types of anchor text digital marketers are using so far.

Different Types of Anchor Text

Naked Anchor Text is the hyperlinked text where the anchor text is directly the anchor text.  A prominent example of a naked link will look like this,

“If you are trying rank higher on Google SERP, then check out”

Exact-match Anchor text is said to as it is when anchor text will be on the referring page containing an exact-match keyword on it pointing to the URL of your webpage.

For example: an Anchor text of ‘content writing’ linking to a page about content writing.

Partial-match Anchor text that anchor text, which includes a partially matched keyword on the linked-to page.

For example: ‘on-page SEO checklist’ linking to a page about on-page SEO.

Branded Anchor Text is when A brand or company name used as anchor text.

For example: ‘VISER X’ linking to an article on the VISER X Blog.

Generic Anchor Text is Anon-compared generic word or couple of words or a phrase that people use as the anchor text. “Click here” or “Learn More” is a typical instance of generic anchor.

Image Anchor Text is whenever someone links an image, search engine like Google will use the text content in the image’s background as alt attribute will show search engines as the anchor text.

Contextual Links

Contextual links are those links where the sounding words or the entire content is about the anchor text used as the hyperlink.

It affects on the improvement of the ranking genuinely.

Contextual links are usually operated between pages within a single website. For interlinking within the pages under a domain is the most effective way of boosting the ranking.

Dofollow vs. Nofollow Links

There are two types of backlinks you can achieve from a webpage, and they are dofollow and nofollow.

When someone linking to another page through hyperlink whose code is similar to this <a href= “”>anchor text</a>, then this is a dofollow backlink.

A dofollow backlink passes link juice to the linking page and tells the search engine robot that the webpage I am linking to is a reliable resource for the specific topic.

Dofollow backlink is essential for higher ranking on SERP.

On the other hand, when someone linking another webpage whose code is, <a href= “” rel= “nofollow”>anchor text</a> is an example of nofollow backlink.

A nofollow backlink does not pass any juice to the linking page as well as it does not tell the search engine anything. It does not affect page rank.

Bottom Line

Now bottom of the above section is that if you are getting tons of backlinks does not mean that your pages are going to rank well in SERP.

However, the process may get just the opposite, and meaning is that your ranking may downrank on the SERP if you get enough low-quality spammy backlinks.

Try to get quality backlinks through manual outreach, guest blogging, manual quality blog commenting, etc.

Now in the below section, we are going to discuss the ultimate way of getting tons of quality backlinks.

Advantages of Quality Backlinks in SEO

The benefits of quality backlinks are enormous. Google does not like manual backlinks or bad backlinks. It sees all backlinks as a reference source for a specific topic. There are hundreds of advantages of quality backlinks in the industry of Digital Marketing in terms of SEO.

Below we are going to share some actionable one for understanding them here briefly.

Improves Organic Ranking

Hundreds of low-quality backlinks cannot give you how a single high-quality backlink will boost your organic ranking on SERP. When your organic ranking puts you in the first position on SERP, the organic visitor of your pages will grow like a charm.

Faster Indexing

Quality backlinks will send positive signals to search engine bots and request for fast indexing your page. The quicker your indexing will be, the ranking of your website will start getting organic traffic.

Referral Traffic

As we were saying earlier in this post that, pages with authority has a decent amount of visitors. If you can get backlinks from those pages, then there are possibilities that you may get a portion of visitors of that page will come to your page as a referral traffic.

Finishing Words on How to Get Quality Backlinks

Now that you have come to this far, that means you have read the complete article. Now it is your shot to try all the methods we have discussed in the above article. You know that link building is a process conducted by trial and error.

You must practice more and more methods to get new opportunities to get quality backlinks. Build an email subscriber list where you may get new ideas from your subscribers and followers.

Do not forget to share your thought about our article as well as comment if there are difficulties you are facing regarding quality backlinks. We will be delighted to discuss your problems and the best possible solutions.

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