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How to Find Backlinks to a Website 2024

How to Find Backlinks to a Website

How to find backlinks to a website?? Yes, this is the most commonly asked question from digital marketing nomads, experts, and newbies. Every one of them asking the same questions on different social media platforms, digital marketing website’s comment section, on Twitter, on Facebook.

Beside all these web platforms, people are discussing it on live seminars and conferences as well. They are so conscious about it because it is one of the most relevant and useful ways of growing a website’s search engine ranking.

Now here in this analysis, our goal is to provide you some in-depth sources for backlinks, which, if you understand, then you will be growing ranking of your keywords so fast.

However, before hopping into the main course, you need to be careful about where you are getting backlinks. Be choosy about and check each factor to get backlinks.

How to Find Backlinks to a Website?

There are different ways of finding backlink opportunities from various sources. Usually, people are getting backlinks from several relevant websites as well as sources.

Getting backlinks for a reliable source that will add some value and passes some juice to your website is the primary purpose of it. Often marketers face complications with getting sources of backlinks. If you are new to this digital industry, then you need to understand that there are billions of websites, and there are possibilities to get a website from some of them in your niche.

Types of Basic Backlinks

You are here to understand the way how you can find backlinks to a website quickly; here are the ways you can work on a bit. Below list discussion relevant to the backlinking campaign for your or your client’s site.

We are here sharing all those sources where you can earn backlinks easily by putting lesser effect than another more complicated method. However, to get a vital backlink, you need to put together some efforts to it.

Try to solve the searcher’s problem and answer the queries they are placing. Try to be relevant for visitor’s perspective of asking questions instead tell them the solution directly.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 backlinks will do help ranking your website on the search engine if you do it evenly. It already has a higher domain authority (DA) to the search engines as they are providing reliable resources to it. However, if you create a web 2.0, then the page authority (PA) may be zero. You will have to put effort into improving it.

At some point, you can use it to rank your website though you must have to do it manually with quality content. Most of the experts (so-called) will say this that spun content can be used on web 2.0, but we think at VISER X that treat your web 2.0 a regular blog and publish value-adding content regularly. Below is a list of the widespread web 2.0 sites.

  • wordpress.com
  • blogspot.com
  • wix.com
  • tumblr.com
  • weebly.com

Remember that you must choose web 2.0 websites like Blogspot, WordPress, google sites, Wix that have more authority on their domain and possibility to improve the PA over time. Make a list of them and start working. The below image will demonstrate how web 2.0 can a great help to your website ranking.


Profile Backlinks

Every website has author to publish the contents. Now Authors are meant to be a specialist on the topic they are posting contents on a blog or website. Now profile backlinks are essential for both the author and the website.

Let’s simplify the idea. Suppose a website has no recognition on the internet and as the author also. So, as they have no recognition, visitors will not rely on the information the author is providing through the website.

So, as a result, search engines are taking user experience as a ranking factor and not giving an excellent rank to that page or website. If the author and website both recognized on the internet well, then readers will also rely on their information as well as search engines.

Search engine bots are crawling every page on the internet if bots can find that the author has profiles on different websites where famous people also have. Now bots will give signals that the author has recognition as well as activity and knowledge over the topic they are writing.

Now below image is an example of a profile that will help you understand the importance of profile backlinks as well as it will show you how you use a profile backlink profile differently. Here are some excellent examples of profile creation websites.

  • facebook.com
  • twitter.com
  • linkedin.com
  • vimeo.com
  • theverge.com

Get a list of profile creation sites and check their quality, then filter down the high-quality websites and start creating profiles for both your author and your website.


Comment Backlinks

There are millions of websites where you can comment on different blog posts and share your thoughts related to that post. Comments are a prodigious way to interact with other people in your niche and share your ideas with them.

Always comment that creates extended value to the post as well as people feel that you know the matter thoroughly, and you understand the problem. Suggest the author some improvements if there any. You can appreciate them as well for writing great content.

In addition to that, if you see that, you also have an article that shares some extra information regarding the article here, then leave the URL of your page, and if it adds value, then your comment and link will be approved. The below image is a seamless example of proper comment or feedback.

Here some excellent examples of comment backlink websites.

  • blog.adobe.com
  • moz.com
  • backlinko.com
  • semrush.com
  • unbounce.com

Find a list of those websites in your niche where you can comment and get backlinks for free. This way, if you can manually make each comment, then your comment will add value to the content, and you will get a proper comment backlink from that website.


Forum Posting

If you search on google writing “your niche/keyword + forums,” then you will find many forums where people are sharing their problems and other people solving those problems.

Now if you do not understand it, let me make it easy for you, suppose you are facing problem-related to your iPhone, now you go to any forum and share the problem of your iPhone there by posting a thread. You will see many people are sharing their solution towards your problem; some of them are sharing some links where resolution of relevant issues to your’s are given. The URL is a backlink for the webpage the link is pointing at.

Or you can do another thing, and you have a high-quality content about “how to clean your laptop” now you create a thread on the forum. Now you need to tell everyone a little bit about the process and also tell other members of the forum that if anyone needs to know how to clean a laptop, people can visit your URL and learn it there.

Below is some example of forum posting websites.

  • forums.microsoft.com
  • forums.cnet.com
  • forum.kompas.com
  • forum.wordreference.com
  • warriorforum.com

The below image is a impeccable example of forum posting. There are hundreds of forums available online in your niche. Make a list of them and check their quality to make your own filtered quality forum website list and start working on forum posting


Directory Submission

When you want to find any company details or any person’s details, what do you do? You search it on search engines and reach directory websites like yellow pages and search there by the company or person. You are going to do precisely the same, make a profile with as many details as you can, and leave an URL of your website so that people can see, and you can get a backlink from that directory.

Below image is a perfect example fo directory submission. In this way, not only are you getting a backlink but also you are listed by a renowned directory where hundreds of thousand different companies are listed. Millions of people are searching for service providers they need. You will get tons of targeted niche relevant potential customers from directory websites if you do it correctly.

Here are some examples of directory submission websites.

  • dmoz.org
  • boingboing.net
  • scrubtheweb.com
  • entireweb.com
  • sonicrun.com

There are thousands of directory websites providing services where you can submit your business or service there. Search online and make a list of directory websites. You should use all of them; instead, you can check their domain authority and visitors, then you can filter according to their quality and create another list. Now from the new and final list, submit your website or business or service to those directory websites and get free backlinks from there.

Directory Submission

Infographic Submission

Representing any topic with a graphical illustration along with charts and graphs within a single image or pdf file is called the infographics. Infographics are now trending backlink grabbing process as well as through this you will get tons of visitors to your webpage.

Usually, if an infographic has vast information compared to that tiny space and people start finding out it on their search result, then that particular infographic will get hundreds of backlinks organically from different site owners in your niche.

Below is an infographic shows Food and Wine Pairing Science works together. Wine Folly publishes the infographic on their website. It is an excellent example of how the infographics they are creating, and what and how it contains in-depth detailed information.

Here are some examples of infographic submission websites.

  • Reddit.com
  • Visual.ly
  • Dailyinfographic.com
  • Slideshare.net
  • Infographicjournal.com
  • Pinterest.com

There are hundreds of websites where they are allowing you to submit your infographics. As for developing an infographic, you can use MS PowerPoint, Photoshop, or other graphic design software. However, there are now a few better quality websites which are providing services related to infographic generation. You can develop your own or purchase their design from there.


PDF Submission

PDF submission is useful for your website ranking if you do it correctly. How there are several things, you need to make sure when you are preparing a PDF file for submission. PDF submission websites are those websites where you can submit your pdf files with a decent description as well as your matched phrases people would use while searching your PDF.

Make sure that you have designed your PDF colorful and professional at the same time. Choose the design in a way so that users can read it comfortably without any complication while they are reading it.

Here are some PDF submission websites.

  • issuu.com
  • lulu.com
  • calameo.com
  • scribd.com
  • slideshare.net

Article Submission

Article submission is a process of sharing your article on various article submission websites. It will give you more exposure and juice to your original site. Article websites are very authoritative, and when you submit your fresh article there, you will get a bit of that authority through the backlink to your website.

If you do not know how it works, then here’s the process for you. When you publish an article on your website, and if your website is new or does not have that much visitor, then this is the most effective way. Now the process of submitting your article is, you will get to submit your article along with the original source URL of the article, which is your website address.

Now, after successful submission, when the article will publish, you will see that the original source will be there below the post. Make sure that the backlink you are getting from an article submission website is dofollow. Remember that you should not do it over and over, on a single article submission website you should not do it more than 2/3 times. It will do it fine to pass authority to your site.

Below two top article submission websites which has a higher domain authority and lower spam score.

  • Ezinearticles.com
  • Buzzle.com
  • Seekingalpha.com
  • Hubpages.com
  • Axs.com

Image Submission

Image submission websites will not only give you backlinks but also increase the visibility of your website/brand/business. You know that images or creative graphics can attract people more compared to the text content. There are hundreds of image sharing websites where they are allowing people to share images of their websites.

Make sure that your image has all the information behind it, and meaning is that image titles, alt tags, descriptions, and captions because these details will help search engines to get an idea about your images.

Here are some image submission websites.

  • Instagram.com
  • Pinterest.com
  • Flickr.com
  • Photobucket.com
  • Tinypic.com

Video Submission

Video submission is also a useful way to make your business or website more visible online. Videos are a great way to to provide information regarding products, services, as well as promotion of your business.

Now during video services, you need to add proper description along with the video because it will help the search engines to identify your blog as a resourceful one. In the description you can add your website URL as anchor text.

Here are some video submission websites.

  • YouTube.com
  • Vimeo.com
  • Dailymotion.com
  • Metacafe.com
  • DropShots.com

Follow Step By Step Guide to Get Backlinks to a Website

Now for using above mention backlink sources, there are some step by step process of doing it correctly. Let’s see them,

Step 01: Find the type of list you want to get backlinks. (each type mentioned on above list)

Step 02: Register with a working email address and complete the profile as well as decorate your profile a bit professionally.

Step 03: Now, all you need to do is follow the guidelines we discussed above for each type of backlink sources.


Now that you are here at the end, our recommendation for using these methods that you should not go tough on those websites. Follow their rules and regulations and start getting backlinks quickly.

Remember one thing that, whenever you are trying to get backlinks from a website, then you should add some value to those websites so that they approve and give you backlinks.

We have share every aspect and step by step guide of how to find backlinks to a website so that you can get referenced from any website without any hassle or complications.

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