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How does Yahoo Crawl My Site and What Should I do to Increase My Traffic?

How does Yahoo Crawl My Site and What Should I do to Increase My Traffic

When we talk about search engines, we usually think about Google as it is the prominent one. However, there are other search engines too. Yahoo is one of them. If you have a website, you should consider SEO for your website in yahoo search engine as well. Otherwise, you can lose a huge portion of the audience.

Before we go into how yahoo does crawling for your website, let us first learn how crawling works. A search engine has three functions, crawling, indexing, and ranking.

Imagine the search engine has some robot spiders. It orders the bots to look for new content. These contents could be anything, text content, images, videos, GIFs, PDFs, etc. It does not matter what format the content is in, as what matters is the URL.

The spiders collect some webpages and search for links on those webpages

By continuously doing this process, the spiders find new pages. They get information on that new page and bring them for indexing.

Now, search engines have a database. The collected pages from the bots are then stored in the database, and this is called indexing. When someone searches for something, the search engine then visits its database and ranks among the most relevant pages. The page the search engine finds most relevant is ranked on the top.

Getting back to your site. Now you know that it has to fulfill two conditions for a search engine to find your website. It has to be crawlable and indexable. You have to ensure that your website is linked to some other websites so that crawlers can find your website. Additionally, you must put accurate and complete information so that your website is properly indexed.

If you want to increase traffic for your website, it is better not to wait for the spiders to visit you. Better you do the work. For yahoo search, you can do it using Bing Webmaster tools. You can manually submit your website to the search engine. By doing it manually, you get some advantages. You can let them know when your website or contenthasbeen updated.

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