Best SEO Agencies in Bangladesh 2023

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  • Published: February 19, 2022

Best SEO Agencies in Bangladesh will help you grow your online presence and boost your revenue. VISER X provides the best SEO services in Bangladesh. So, if you want to know how exactly you can find the best seo service provider company in Bangladesh, hold on tight, we are about to show you the perfect guideline in this post.

As most of the people are searching for their product online, physical marketing is decreasing its popularity day by day. Most of the business owners are now getting the point of making their online presence more gorgeous than they thought before.

Now the best time to get the best SEO service provider to improve the presence of your business website on the search engine where people are already searching for your product or services.

Brand visibility is one of the most important criteria for gaining popularity on the internet. As the best SEO agency of Dhaka which run by SEO experts in Bangladesh, there are multiple methods we are using to improve brand visibility of our clients’ business. The visibility of your brand will increase the organic reach of your business to millions of online visitors who are potentially your customers.

Reputation management is an essential thing to improve the authority of your brand online. You should know that most of the customer prefers a reputed brand while purchasing products online. The customers think that they will get better product and services from reputed brands or companies.

Search engine optimization (SEO) will improve your brand visibility and brand reputation through building profiles as well as quality backlinks on niche relevant sources. VISER X has thousands of clients all over the world. Our SEO services will take businesses of our clients up to a level where no other SEO company can make it.

Best SEO Agencies in Bangladesh [The Ultimate List]

  1. VISER X - Empowering Digital Presence
  2. TopwithSEO - Digital Agency helping you Business Grow Higher
  3. Best SEO BD - SEO Company can easily increase your Business
  4. MonsterClaw LLC - Affiliate Marketing Agency
  5. Ninja Creative Marketing - ROI Focused Fully Managed White Label SEO Company
  6. BrandViser - Your One-Stop Digital Marketing Solution
  7. Avista Digital
  8. Dcastalia Limited - Design, Development and Digital Consulting Partner
  9. DigitalVast
  10. SumoDrive LLC - Local search marketing & Reputation Repair Agency

VISER X is the No#01 among the best SEO agencies in Bangladesh, providing the most result-driven SEO service for more than ten (10) years now. We have delivered 1000+ successful projects of our clients throughout the world.

According to Google Review, we have a service quality rating of 4.8. Besides these, each of our clients has given us extraordinary reviews for our service towards their business development on the internet.

We have achieved our clients’ trust, and that is why they rely on our work blindly now. After a long service period, we have gained their trust as the most reliable SEO service company in Bangladesh. As of Bangladesh, we have served hundreds of Bangladeshi small businesses our best SEO service that brought their sales from almost nothing to a profitable figure they dreamed for so long.


Role of SEO in Business Perspective of Bangladesh

In this growing era of internet marketing, SEO opens excellent opportunities for online business development for any industry. We are living in a period where almost everybody has an internet-connected smartphone, and they are using it for most of their product purchase.

Now there is a valid point that business owners are often making regarding internet marketing of their brand or company. Not everybody is purchasing through online sales pages, and it is true.

However, internet marketing is not about only sales, and it is also about reaching those potential customers who are searching for information about the best products on the internet.

They might not purchase the product online, but through your marketing strategy online, they can get enough positive recommendations for your company or brand or your products.

Even if they do not purchase your product from your online shop, but they are going to reach your physical shop to check out the product in person. You will get success if you do your online marketing strategically. Let’s have a look at SEO from the business perspective of Bangladesh.

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Better Online Presence

Proper SEO plays a vital role in bringing organic visitors to your business website. However, a better online presence will always grab the attention of your customers. Organic visitors are coming through different traffic channels, such as search engines, social channels, and other traffic sources.

There are a few useful search engines where people search for different products and services based on people’s needs. Among them, Google is the best because it has more than 90% searches online.

A proper SEO implementation on your website will let search engines better understanding your site, and it will send potential customers to your site who are interested in products in your niche.

Remember, an onsite/offsite SEO will work on bringing new organic visitors to your website, and the user-friendly design of your website will keep the visitor on your website. It will also influence them to purchase your products or services.

At VISER X, our SEO service will make your online presence better than your competitors. However, our SEO service is the best SEO service for our strategic work process and reputation.

In addition to that, we have a rich brand reputation in SEO industry as the best SEO agency Bangladesh. We have a massive client list who achieved their profit target after we worked on their websites and implemented everything that was needed.


Local SEO Implementation

Most of the business is selling its products in a specific area. For instance, a saloon will sell its service in a particular area, so it does not need to reach other areas customers. Local SEO of your physical shop is the best solution for this type of business. It will let you rank for area-based keywords that people are searching online.

Beside that, Google My Business (GMB) profile optimization will help you effectively with your local ranking on 3-pack on the SERP. If you can do that properly, potential clients will find you whenever they search relevant services near your location.

Learn: How to claim your GMB profile

However, let’s try this, and if you have saloon in Azampur, Uttara, Dhaka, and then you probably want to get those potential customers to visit your salon who searches Salon in Azampur, Uttara, Dhaka. Now, if your website can rank for “Best Saloon in Azampur, Uttara, Dhaka,” you will get your potential customers.

However, you need the best local SEO service provider like VISER X to deal with local SEO of your business website, services, or products. It will ensure that people who are searching for your services are reaching your site and getting detailed information.

Local SEO needs intensive care to get a profitable result, and our local SEO experts are bringing success to hundreds of local businesses. You can rely on our customers’ reviews and successes and let us handle the digital marketing of your company. You will not regret that we will ensure through our services.

Scopes of Gaining Revenue

SEO can open massive scopes of increasing your revenue by boosting up the search engine appearance of your business on different search engines. SEO is a continuous process of growing your business online with time, and when the outcome starts rising, your revenue will be skyrocket.

If you do not do any SEO for your business, you are not going to survive in this competitive digital era because your competitors might have started doing their SEO correctly. If you do not do it, then you will lose the majority of your sales.

Contact VISER X and start SEO for your business. Stay ahead of competitors and scale your sales higher than them. Fuel your business with more profit.

How Can SEO Service Help Grow your Company Profit?

There are several SEO facts responsible for the growth of your profit. Bad SEO practices can negatively impact on your online performances; on the other hand, good SEO practices will boost your performance and improve your business authority, reputation, and brand appearance on the internet.

There are SEO companies that use black hat methods to rank your website just to show you that they are making progress. In the end, you will see that your business is being rejected by search engines to get valuable organic visitors.

Let’s see how a useful SEO service will grow your business popularity and revenue in different ways.


Increase Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Proper search engine optimization (SEO) of your business website will increase organic traffic. More traffic means more leads, and those leads are your potential targeted customers where you will generate sales.

Running an ideal SEO campaign is much more cost-effective than a traditional marketing campaign. The reason is that here in SEO, you can reach more people than traditional marketing.

SEO will increase your ranking on search engines. As a result, your product will be reaching more people than ever. There are some paid marketing systems available also, but if you want to build a stable strategic sales of your company, then you must thrive for organic sales.

Paid marketing is much costly strategy that you will get sales only when your ads are running, but when your ads are not running, you are not going to get any purchases through the campaign.

On the other hand, if you can rank on #1 position on Google, you will get numerous visitors daily with massive sales potential, and it will not cost you a single penny. All you need to do is work on improvement on organic SEO of your business website. The most exciting thing about organic SEO is that it is permanent with some maintenance.

Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is an essential criterion that can present your business to customers. SEO includes the improvement of brand awareness, increasing brand visibility on different places where your customers are searching for the best brands.

Brand visibility and brand appearance is such a message which alone can influence hundreds or potential visitors to purchase your products or services.

Branding your online business is quite different than traditional branding strategies. In traditional branding, brands are using various media, including TV advertisements, word to mouth, and news publications.

However, in digital marketing, SEO can build your brand visibility better than any other media. By saying it, what we are referring to is that most of the people are now keeping their eyes on their smartphone screen than any other media.

If that simple strategy any brand can pick to improve their brand visibility, then that brand will surely get the benefits of it completely.


Reputation Building

Brand reputation is the single most significant strategy that can include your business on top listed companies in your industry.

Everybody wants to buy products or services from a reputed company because reputation brings trust toward the company. If your company is authoritative and has a consistent reputation, then people will choose your company for their purchase.

The reputation of a business can be built through different media, such as interacting with customers appropriately. List services on different directories so that search engines can bring your business on the top position with customer reviews.

Try to achieve positive reviews from the customer because positive reviews can convince other customers to rely on your service or products.

Remember the most crucial fact about online business, and you cannot meet your customers on the internet. The only way of bringing customers to your online business is through your business website and convince them that you are going to provide the best products or services to them.

VISER X, the best reputation management service provider, will improve your reputation online through whitehat SEO that no other provider can do. We have the best team for reputation building, which has extensive experience and expertise in reputation management for any business.

We believe in success, and our company is a success-driven provider. A dedicated reputation experts will work on your project to help you reach your ultimate profit-goal.

Unlimited Targeted Organic Traffic

The primary goal of doing SEO is to rank higher on search engines like GoogleBingYandex, etc. Among them, Google is the most popular search engine, and it is taking more than 94% of searches online.

If you can manage to rank on the first position on the search engine, then you may get hundreds of targeted visitors without any cost. Generally, businesses are using paying for ads on different ad platforms to get visitors to their business websites. However, to grab organic visitors from search engines without paying for it is to rank on search engines.


Top Rankings on SERP

To rank on the first position for your targeted keyword or niche that people are using to search for products and services you are providing, SEO is the only way. Without proper SEO, you cannot rank in a good position on any search engine.

Boost Revenue & Sales

Business owners are running for increasing revenue, but providers are tricking them, not providing the revenue they want. Most of the agencies are bringing irrelevant visitors to the clients’ websites, but they promise the sales growth of the company.

However, our best SEO services in Bangladesh will not only save your hard-earned money but also improve your brand authority. It will boost your revenue to the top, where others are dreaming of reaching.

Why VISER X is the Best SEO Company in Bangladesh

VISER X is already recognized as the No.1 SEO service provider in Bangladesh. Our services are showing real-time revenue growth, which no other agencies can. You know that Bangladesh is a capital centralized country where most of the businesses are growing big in its Capital city.

So, if you can find the best SEO agency of Dhaka which is the capital of Bangladesh then you are ahead of your competitors. Without further delay, let’s see why VISER X is the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh.

Award-Winning SEO Experts

VISER X has the best white hat SEO experts who can rank your business sites on any search engine on the internet. They are using SEO techniques that you can only at our SEO agency. The individual SEO team will work on your projects.


Best SEO Strategists

We have award-winning SEO strategists who are highly trained in developing a winning SEO strategy for your projects. Remember that SEO is a matter of proper strategic planning and continuous actions towards better rankings. Our strategists are doing that for each of our clients.

Best ROI Analysts

Without ROI analysis, no business can achieve the goal they want because the return on investment is the base of your business planning. Our ROI analysts will ensure the proper ROI analysis to take your business where it will bring the best ROI.

Effective SEO Management

Our SEO management will not only observe your website performance but also track activities of each of the potential visitors. You should know that the journey of converting a random visitor into your loyal customer is not an easy task. Our proper SEO management will do the job with appropriate care.

Potential Customer Outreach

Outreaching super-targeted product/service relevant customers is another useful way to improve sales of your business. Our sales analysts will develop potential customer outreach funnel to convert them to your regular buyers. Building a list of those customers can also be your golden list for any products or services you offer at different times.

Best SEO Service in Bangladesh

VISER X is providing the best SEO service in Bangladesh for more than ten (10) years. We have worked for different small and big companies to improve their search engine rankings, brand and reputation building, sales improvement, lead generations, backlink building, etc.

We have a team of the best SEO strategists who are recognized SEO experts in Bangladesh. We have hundreds of happy clients who experienced our service and improved their businesses online.

Our service grew its sales and marketing strategy to an optimal place where other companies in their industry are struggling for. Let’s see how our service process is resulting in the maximum output.

Initiate Project Discussion

Our service starts with communicating the client and initiates the discussion regarding their business requirements. As a business owner, you perhaps know that without understanding the industry requirements as well as the client’s demand from the industry, no products or services can be sold in any market.

Details Project Scopes

We discuss every feature of the project with our client, and it helps us to understand the demand of our client. Every company has its corporate policy to run and do any project of any company successful you need to know the project scopes and possible outcomes from the project.

In digital marketing, we trust that the predetermination of project scopes are best for working towards great achievements from any project.


Proper SEO Audit

After completing the agreement with us regarding the project, we will run a proper in-depth SEO audit on the client’s website. An SEO audit will help us to identify the problems and rooms for improvements to rank higher on google for potential keywords. If the site needs any backend corrections, then we will do it according to the website’s need.

Identifying Competitors

The corporate business industry has a say that knowing your competitor better is the first victory against them. In digital marketing, it is the ultimate truth. We will run a check on your competitors’ websites and identify their weaknesses and strength.

It will help us to decide where our client’s site needs the most strength, so that we can work on that and beat the competitor then rank better than your competitors.

Potential Keyword Research

We have the best keyword research team in the industry. Without proper keyword researcher, no online businesses can grow or achieve targeted sales or revenue. We will do the keyword research that includes your products or services.

Technical SEO Audit

If you have an online store or website for your business, then there must be technical SEO issues lacking the ranks for your desired keywords. Our technical SEO team will run an audit on your business site and identify the problem and solve those problems. Remember, technical SEO is very sensitive; do not play with it, and let the professionals handle it for you.

Backlink Profile Analysis

Backlink building is the most significant facts of search engine optimization (SEO). We will run an analysis of the client’s backlink profile as well as the competitors to understand their backlink profile. It will help us make a better backlink profile for our clients.

On-Page SEO Improvement

Our on-page SEO experts will work on the client’s website and improve the on-page SEO of the client’s site. On-page SEO has a significant effect on search engine ranking. Our on-page SEO checklist is bringing success for our client’s business what is making us unique and legit providers in the industry.


SEO Optimized Content Writing

Content is the best way of reaching your customers online. Whether it is social media or your blog or business website content is the only to talk with your customers. We have the best content writing team who can write top-notch SEO optimized content that will enhance the SERP rankings through those quality content.

Local SEO Implementation

Local SEO is a concept under traditional SEO that makes a product or service visible for location-based customers. Local SEO is the ultimate key to success for businesses that are selling location-based products or services.

Our local SEO experts will implement all local SEO strategy for our clients so that they can get sales within the area they are providing services or selling products.


High-Quality Link Building

We will build backlinks for our client’s website based on the analysis we have run during the backlink audit. Building quality backlinks will increase the authority of our clients’ websites and improve the rankings on the search engines.

Website SERP Performance Tracking

We will track how our clients’ website is performing on the search engine. We believe in transparent service so that the client can get a clear picture of the improvement and the potential of their business to get success.

SERP performance tracker will run through different quality parameters of VISER X and give a full view of the performance based on sales, lead generations, organic visitors, etc.

Digital Project Report

We will regularly update the clients’ about their project as well as submit a monthly report containing every detail regarding the service. We have dedicated teams working on individual clients so that clients can reach experts and talk about anything regarding their projects.

The Most Affordable SEO Service in Bangladesh

VISER X is the best SEO agency in Bangladesh offers the most client-friendly and the best SEO services in Bangladesh. Our service provides the most affordable services that every small business owner can invest in. We believe in the best service within the best prices.

Our payment method is convenient that every client loves and feels comfortable while they are investing their hard-earned money to improve their business revenue. Let’s check out our service packages below.

List of SEO Services We Provide That Are Effective

It probably won't come as a surprise that the four main forms of SEO are closely matched in the most common SEO services.

However, in general, SEO services can be divided into three primary categories, each of which has a specific set of goals and services:

Foundational SEO Services:

Tactics that you can primarily execute with one determined effort, then occasionally monitor afterward, are included in foundational SEO services.

For example, the majority of effort is completed in one shot, even though tasks like keyword research, on-page optimization, and technical SEO require ongoing attention (you can't just "set it and forget it").

  1. Keyword research
  2. Technical SEO audit
  3. On-page setup
  4. Competitor analysis
  5. Website blog content


Off-Page SEO Services: 

Off-page usually applies to link building, which counts for 99% of the work.It should come as no surprise that various link-building services are among the most wanted to seek off-page SEO services. 

  1. Link audit
  2. Link building
  3. Linkable asset creation
  4. Guest blogging
  5. Content marketing


Local SEO Services: 

When it comes to SEO, local businesses have a much difficult time. They must take into consideration not only every strategy we've already covered if they want to rank naturally, but also the SEO strategies listed below if they want to appear in the Local Search results.

  1. Citation building
  2. Review acquisitions and management
  3. Google My Business optimization

Although by no means a given, this list does cover the SEO services that have seen the most demand to yet. Despite the fact that we are sectioning services into their base elements

Finishing Words: Best SEO Agencies in Bangladesh

We have kept our promise that we made at the beginning of this article. Our aim from this discussion is to let you know how the best SEO companies in Bangladesh will help you to improve your online presence. All you need to do is select an SEO service provider like VISER X.

All those topics we have discussed here are from in-depth discussions with our in-house SEO experts. So, if you have completed reading the whole article, then you may see what we have tried to share with you.

We have emphasized how an SEO service provider can improve your sales by branding your products online through search engine optimization. Needless to say that we are working as the best SEO agency in Dhaka for more than a decade.

Share your opinion about this article (if any) using our contact us form. Our experts are ready to respond to your opinion and discuss further. You can also get information about the best SEO optimization service from VISER X. We hope our conversation will help you to get the best SEO agency in Bangladesh.

FAQ: SEO Service Company in Bangladesh

What is SEO and Its Services?

"Search engine optimization" is known as SEO. It simply refers to the process of making changes to your website to make it more visible when users search for goods or services associated with your company on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Which is the No 1 SEO Company in Bangladesh?

VISER X is the no 1 SEO agency in Bangladesh. It has reached this position by providing top-notch SEO services. VISER X has been featured in numerous mainstream Bangladeshi media.

What is the Top SEO Service Provider in the Entire World?

Top 10 SEO Services Providers

  1. WebFX.
  2. SmartSites.
  3. DashClicks.
  4. OpenMoves.
  5. Netpeak.
  6. Screaming Frog Services.
  7. Scorpion.
  8. Direct Online Marketing.
  9. Incrementors Web Solutions
  10. Major Tom

How Much Does SEO Cost in 2023?

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VISER X STANDARD         $350
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VISER X PREMIUM PLUS         $2000

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