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How Do You Write SEO Content Writing?

  • Post By: Sarah Jordan
  • Published: June 2, 2022

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website and webpages to earn the trust of Google. While writing content, you have to follow on-page SEO to give it the highest chance to rank.

So, how do you write SEO content writing? Follow the tips below, and you are good to go!

Do Your Keyword Research Properly

Before writing content, do keyword research and find out the top keywords and phrases that people are searching for. It will help you understand your target readers' minds, and the search volume also helps in ranking position.

Include Keywords in Your Content

After finding the keywords, placing them in the right place is the main task that you have to focus on. Including the main keywords in the title, meta description, introduction, and headings are better. You should also use secondary keywords in the body of the article.

Search engines understand a topic by checking the keywords. That's why you need to include the keywords and LSI in every opportunity you get.

However, it's important to place the keywords naturally and don't overdo anything. Google doesn't like unrealistic writing. If you don't balance things, Google might find your site spammy and even gives you a penalty.

Maintain the Content Quality

Quantity matters for a site to get recognition. But you should not compromise the quality for anything!

To ensure the quality, you have to create your content to offer value to its readers and solve their problems. You should also focus on getting the readers' trust by adding your expert opinion, testimonials, and things like this.

Keep the Content Long Enough

Although article length is not a factor for Google Algorithm, Google does prefer long content as it gives a better understanding of the topics. And the chances of ranking for different keywords are also getting higher.

Focus on Linking

Including internal links and external links increase the authority of your content. So, while writing, make sure to link to a trusted website to make your information more believable.

Promote Your Writing

A piece of writing earns its value when the target readers read it. The best way to reach them is to promote your content after publishing it on your site.

Moreover, you should use social media for promotional activities and share your writing in your community.

Well, these are the tips you can utilize. By following these, you will find SEO writing is a piece of cake and nothing to be afraid of!

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