Regina Criminal Defence Lawyers

Regina Criminal Defence Lawyers



SEO Campaign


Regina Criminal Defence Lawyers

Completion Date

Summer 2022-Spring 2023

Project Intro

CriminalLawyerRegina started its operation in a wide range of areas. They used to defend their clients accused of drug charges, assaults, domestic violence, and firearm charges. So, they needed various strategies to be applied during the campaign.

VISER X knew that developing engaging and trustworthy content was key to reaching the top result page. But, it was hard to collect all the data for their wide range of services. The ultimate target was populating the site with uncompromised links and pages.

However, CriminalLawyerRegina required long-term benefits rather than short-term SERP positions. This kind of campaign prefers hybrid SEO methods. VISER X maximized their backlinking opportunities with compelling anchor texts, descriptions, and guest blogging.

Following the past track records, CriminalLawyerRegina could be convinced only after seeing the referrals from the offsite SEO efforts. After all, VISER X is known as the best local presence maker.

Project Type

SEO Campaign


DBL Ceramics Limited | Bangladesh

Completion Date

Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

Scope of Work

CriminalLawyerRegina gave miles of research areas among the clients from law firms. All the challenges include getting a higher conversion rate, increasing leads, content marketing, and updating new strategies. Plus, VISER X had to use competitive search phrases that made the journey more difficult.

Usually, digital marketers focus on particular methods of SEO. In the case of CriminalLawyerRegina, SEO experts got to find both demographic and geographic resources to reach the maximum number of clients. The tasks like forum participation, directory submission, and local listing played an important role in the whole campaign. 

  • Participations
  • Submissions
  • Sitemaps

After all the hassles, sitemap checking improved Google’s analytical perception of the client’s site. So, the strategist team went through a series of work scopes similar to promoting a brand.


To stay on top of the game, VISER X used the latest trends and technologies. Attractively, we rely on the premium softwares in our series of tasks. Those tools can compensate for each and every ever-changing demand in the growing industry.


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Lack of Indexing Value: More Working Resources

You may know that around 67 percent of law firms do not conduct keyword research properly. Some firms put their name only, which is good for making brand value, yet not understandable to Google bots. CriminalLawyerRegina had this issue with many of their contents. 

Apart from that, having their undesirable pages indexed in Google may cause misdirection. VISER X always supports good indexing practices where the crawl budgets only scan the important pages from any referral links. So, there had to be a classification to identify the high-buyer-intent pages. 

Content duplicity was also a major factor here. Sometimes the page slugs from different pages looked similar, having one or two additional digits. Search engines could see this as duplicity and emit results from the list. 

So, doing a full scan of the website and regenerating buyer-intent resources played the main game in this campaign. 


Thin Contents: Fewer User Interactions

Researching the most updated search engine algorithm took quite a little time at the start of this project. VISER X strategist team had enough experience to adopt the new criteria in this way. However, the way to stay competitive seemed quite difficult after losing all unique keyphrases. 

So, working more on a backlinking profile was the lifeline here. Around 17 percent of the websites lose their rank because of using suspicious paid anchor text. Therefore, VISER X maintained a hard warning to avoid getting accused of that complaint.

CriminalLawyerRegina anticipated evergreen links and contents could fulfill the objectives. Once the resources are compiled, the flow analysis period will begin. The team has to ensure all the citations in this given period prove its good trust signal. 

Overall, adding all tags as well as analyzing the console data was one of the prominent tasks in the campaign.

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VISER X set their marks with the fame of White Hat SEO service. From ideation to implementation, all the clinical process approves the site ranking even before publishing everything. We can state that understanding a business model before creating products is always a safe way to travel in a campaign like this. 

The results include an +83.01% increase in website traffic and first-page rankings in Google’s search results. Keyword rankings include competitive phrases like “Criminal Lawyer Regina” and “Domestic Violence Lawyer.” They also have generated significant visibility in their geographical area through local authority links and native guest post content.

VISER X knew where to start and which method to rely on in certain phases. This way, the campaign eliminated the hefty tasks and brought the Impressum, clicks, users, goals, and lower bounce rate.

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