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Family Lawyer Winnipeg



SEO Campaign


Family Lawyer Winnipeg

Completion Date

Summer 2022-Spring 2023

Project Intro

FamilyLawerWinnipeg was one of the top-class clients known to work with VISER X. It was much more difficult to retain their reputation and own. Because VISER X has worked with many law firms before, in such cases, you cannot outrank the client for another.

However, FamilylawyerWinnipeg also wanted an original place to stand. So, the project required totally unique strategy and resources to cope with. VISER X executives had a job that concerned multiple challenges. Simultaneously they had to increase brand awareness alongside fixing broken links, anchors, and optimization.

Overall, VISER X had the scope to defeat the competitors without leaping any conflicting steps on the SERP. Keeping this in mind, the team handed over the divided task to different hands. All left to do is, complete the additional task in the same time frame.

Project Type

SEO Campaign


DBL Ceramics Limited | Bangladesh

Completion Date

Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

Scope of Work

FamilylawyerWinnipeg works on marriage, divorce, and other child protection-related issues. So, VISER X prioritizes authenticity among all the targets in the campaign. And while doing that, all the broken links had to be replaced with credible links from other law enforcement authorities.

Getting positive feedback from the guest posts was a crucial factor in terms of their reputation. FamilylawyerWinnipeg fought a lot of cases locally. So, they had a large track record of their own before entering the binary world. It was not certain whether your recent clients would give a veritable review or not.

Sometimes, people mistakenly confuse different companies together. So, there were a lot of risks in choosing keywords that work better on SERP besides making a genuine appearance. However, all things apart, VISER X measured each step carefully and started their classic workflow.


To stay on top of the game, VISER X used the latest trends and technologies. Attractively, we rely on the premium softwares in our series of tasks. Those tools can compensate for each and every ever-changing demand in the growing industry.


What are some local SEO mistakes


Defected Indexing: Lack of Healthcheck

FamilyLawyerWinnipeg had this pioneering business model from its foundation. But, their previous SEO work was not actually fit for a reputed law firm. Their contents and links focused on keywords, not the conversation. Yet, Google’s latest SEO factors suggest anyone put meaningful context that creates value for the reader.

Another weakness was the lack of long-tail keywords. Contents with short keywords may face difficulties amongst the competitor sites. The same happened to FamilyLawyerWinnipeg. Moreover, they had fewer off-site link placements compared to on-page content.

So, the math was pretty clear. VISER X needed to solve the overcrowded keywords, misplaced link structure, and ineffective page layout. In other words, the main problem was:

  • Revise content quality
  • Structuring link placement
  • Convincing link build-up


Repeating Assets: Using Same Stuff in New Way

This time, VISER X must cognize the authorship in both content and link. Moreover, they had to optimize the clusters of pages to support each other. Most companies give their highest effort to the homepage and practice pages. But, VISER X is used to perform hard work on all the pages seamlessly.

Also, optimizing a local brand is pretty much tenacious as Google outspreads larger companies even more. For this, the team has to secure the potential penalties with all their knowledge & tools. Key points of the challenge are

  • Low Brand Recognition: For defective indexing, the brand recognition to authority was at a low level.

Tight Budget & Aim: To get the most organic campaign, the budget was limited to invest only in hand-sewed work from the team.

What Are the Best Ranking Strategies to Improve a Local SEO



VISER X always emphasizes filtering the zombie pages from the whole server. Logically answered, one page with faulty links & content can damage your work for several months. Luckily, FamilyLawyerWinnipeg trusted VISER X to inherit the results to avoid all the unwanted waste.

The results include an +193.66% increase in website traffic and first page rankings in Google’s search results. Keyword rankings include competitive phrases like “Family Lawyer Winnipeg” and “Divorce Lawyer Winnipeg.” FamilyLawyerWinnipeg has been standing as the top trending law firm in Canada until this day.

The firm has generated significant trust in the councils through link building, guest blog posts, and onsite optimization. So, in case anyone needs a clean SEO campaign for their websites, VISER X would suggest taking their service, which can refine the old strategies same time.

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