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Clipping Path 360



SEO Campaign


Clipping Path 360

Completion Date

Summer 2022-Spring 2023

Project Intro

ClippingPath360 is a 360-degree image editing service in Bangladesh that provides pitch-perfect clipping path solutions worldwide. They are most popular in the eCommerce & fashion industry for their highly demanding work.

Presently, they need a higher position in the search ranking to reach a large number of clients. Obviously, VISER X is the first name that comes to their mind to execute the job. They deliberately wanted consumers’ trust because most consumers believe in services that appear on the SERP.

We believe ClippingPath360 deserves the top ranking as our client. However, this project has the most amount of competition compared to the existing image-processing service providers. 

So, VISER X started a technical campaign to set another milestone for their globally popular SEO service. Let’s see how the team handles the challenge!

Project Type

SEO Campaign


DBL Ceramics Limited | Bangladesh

Completion Date

Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

Scope of Work

SEO was a clinical approach to increase the traffic of ClippingPath360. Particularly, SEO & image editing services have a historical connection. Search engines always prioritize websites with retouched visual content and SEO tags. So, VISER X had several scopes of work to update all the Alt tags & meta used in their site visuals.

An igniting part of this SEO campaign was connecting to more high-level domains through reversed linking. Alongside this, more technical processes were needed in the session.

  • Research: Keywords with low-competitive yet high search volume 
  • On-page Planning: Optimized on-page stuff

Off-page Authority: Creating premium off-site links

It takes a longer time span for search engines to make the credibility of your website. But we are VISER X, and we fill out every term in the shortest period possible.


To stay on top of the game, VISER X used the latest trends and technologies. Attractively, we rely on the premium softwares in our series of tasks. Those tools can compensate for each and every ever-changing demand in the growing industry.


What is Blogger Outreach


Large Competitor: Existing Companies with Same Niche

In the beginning, VISER X found that there is a lot of pre-existing local and global competitors already dominating the SERP. Clearly, the hardest job for an SEO agency is outranking existing sites with proper SEO implementation. In this case, the problem felt bigger than before.

When everyone uses relevant text and links, the ranking probability becomes weak. For instance, the only strategy is putting in better elements than theirs. Just like that, SEO experts needed to exert the best treasure they saved for this challenge. 

  • Assets that create exposures
  • Avoid greed of the negative SEO

Uncertain downside in a campaign often demotivates the clients. But, VISER X had a wide array of expertise in this particular field. The team believes that each problem has too many solutions.


Organizing Structure: Excluding Canibbalization

A large number of developer firms create websites while posting common content. ClippingPath360 has many structural design matched to generic clipping service providers. No matter how rich the SEO features are, a website is considered dead to search engines without unique contents. 

So, the SEO team decided to bring uniqueness. After running an audit, VISER X listed down the critical area in backlinking & guest blogging. So, they keep three consistency in the center point.

  • Consistent content creation to create say-to-day content to fill out black pages.
  • Consistent redirections using regular linking from leading sites.
  • Consistent reviews as search engine like Google partially relies on reviews.

Keeping all the notes, the strategist team started swimming with the speed of the workflow. It was a game of both the mind and muscle.

What are The Benefits of Digital Marketing Services



VISER X is a team of skillful SEO experts. Throughout the dedicational work, ClippingPath360 progresses each day to reach its initial target. 

The results include an +516.21% increase in website traffic and first page rankings in Google’s search results. Keyword rankings include competitive phrases like “Neck Joint Service”, and “Shadow Creation Service”. Through link building, article writing and onsite optimization, the firm has generated significant visibility in its local market.

Moreover, checking the website authority over time is also considered a primary task of VISER X. The SERP visibility will never discontinue in case of any emergent situation. By the end, the conversion rate will increase and the bounce rate will be diminished.

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