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Business Post BD



SEO Campaign


Business Post BD

Completion Date

Summer 2022-Spring 2023

Project Intro

BusinessPostBD is a courageous online news portal operated from Bangladesh. Their initial goal was to reach the maximum number of readers through search engines. They contacted VISER X to win over 1200+ mainstream online newspapers on the SERP.

Without any kind of active social channels, it was a solid responsibility to start from scratch. The challenge was to build a higher index value with dynamic content on the site. BusinessPostBD is expected to outrank many national news portals and a popular business news portal.

Updating the sitemap with fresh articles is a foremost duty for a dynamic website like a news portal. VISER X settled their main job for preparing intentional content, links, and sitemaps needed. Ultimately, the project command was getting the crawl faster to have quick raise in SERP.

Project Type

SEO Campaign


DBL Ceramics Limited | Bangladesh

Completion Date

Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

Scope of Work

SEO is inhabitable to boost news portal sites. Because news varies from one to another every day. So, you have to score more than preoptimize on-page content. In this case, VISER X had to mark all off-page SEO checklists. Proficient SEO experts got together and divided the work into multiple portions. 

  • Securing backlinks
  • Posting on PBN & blog sites
  • Building trust with the searchers
  • Creating necessary feeds & embeds

The SEO strategist team had extensive experience in featuring news portals on SERP. But, above everything, content marketing was a big deal. Driving a reader from one page to another page was quite tricky. VISER X called in their best digital marketing staff to inspect content elements.

Overall, noting the user behavior peripherals on top of the board, the campaign began at its maximum capacity.


To stay on top of the game, VISER X used the latest trends and technologies. Attractively, we rely on the premium softwares in our series of tasks. Those tools can compensate for each and every ever-changing demand in the growing industry.


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Non-updated Sitemap: An Extra Pain

Since BusinessPostBD has never run a full fleshed SEO process for their site, VISER X started everything from a first perspective view. Enabling tons of page links in a natural way was the foremost task of this operation. 

So, the team tried to link the most updated pages to make a list of areas easily identified by the crawlers. The next problem was the large content structure. It was impossible to replace anything like other static websites. 

However, VISER X has merits in technical SEO knowledge that came in handy in this manner. 

Other missed opportunities were tags and topic hubs. Inappropriate use of tags and internal links can result in reader dissatisfaction. To overcome the problem, SEO specialists must imply placements that can assure a proper navigation experience from a user’s end. 


Pagination: A new Challenge

News portals are much different from traditional business websites. Hence, one of the challenging factors for BusinessPostBD is pagination. Pagination was required to have a balanced link for authority distribution. In this process, users have to spend fewer clicks to find more news related to the content. 

But pagination has some bad aspects, as listed below.

  • Duplicity content
  • Crawling budget

The team used anchor links between multiple pages. Also, making unique URLs for pages was another complicated task. 

Many SEO experts have the opinion that it’s bad for a site to have paginations. So, VISER X also considered alternatives to limit pagination to avoid bounce rate.

Lastly, the campaign had to align content relevancy and visual optimization in a row for the best outcome.

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The results include an +175.33% increase in website traffic and first page rankings in Google’s search results. Keyword rankings include competitive phrases like “Business Newspaper in Dhaka”. Through link building, article writing and onsite optimization, the firm has generated significant visibility in its local market.

VISER X never forgets to combine highly expert team members who understand how to recognize a brand. Packed with innovative SEO solutions, the approaches never miss enjoying client satisfaction after accomplishing the results.

So, welcome to the best digital marketing agency for the best conversion rate of your business sites!

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