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Airdrie Personal Injury Lawyer



SEO Optimization Campaign


Airdrie Personal Injury Lawyer

Completion Date

Spring 2022-Summer 2023

Project Intro

Airdrielawyer is a leading law provider of professional services in Canada. Their initial goal was to develop an emerging brand identity for their website.

On everything, their main goal was to reach the maximum number of customers at the right time to increase the business’s profitability. In this case, they found us as the most reliable medium after listening to our clients and partners.

Functions of the lawyer’s site included lawyer services, giving them free consultations, and gaining the customers’ trust. So, we had to take serious challenges to increase their reach to active clients.

We performed documented analysis, comparison, and improvisation to our work pattern to meet all of their criteria. We would like to share the summarized overview with you.

Project Type

SEO Campaign


DBL Ceramics Limited | Bangladesh

Completion Date

Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

Scope of Work

Many factors go into running a successful campaign for law agencies. Analyzing the room among local competing firms is considered the hardest challenge of all.  Foremost, the top priority of VISER X was to make two client maps.

Existing clients: Who have taken their service? How did they find them?

Prospective clients: Who could search for Airdrielawyer for their own needs?

Airdrielawyer provides advocacy for a diverse range of fields. For instance, business developers of VISER X worked shoulder to shoulder. Project executives ran a survey to classify the digital channel to reach potential customers. Alongside maps, niche-based links and keywords played an essential role. 

While the ultimate goal was accumulating data from the teams, the secondary goal was proving an uncompromised SEO campaign.


To stay on top of the game, VISER X used the latest trends and technologies. Attractively, we rely on the premium softwares in our series of tasks. Those tools can compensate for each and every ever-changing demand in the growing industry.


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Old Style SEO Works: Less Crawling

Airdrielawyer had this problem from their early days of business. Despite being a law firm of higher expertise, they were losing visitors. Many agencies fear losing the optimization while changing the outdated SEO tactics,


However, VISER X has proven experience in rebranding existing brands. Here is the simplified list of bounce rates that occur.

  • Missing clear keyword strategy in pages and contents.
  • No activity on social media and blog platforms.
  • Navigation issues from flawed content design.
  • Limited mobile-friendly user experience from contents..
  • Outdated look unmatched to new generation users.
  • Poor on-page & off-page SEO strategy.

So, Airdrielawyer lost its chances of getting potential clients online. To reverse their game, VISER X had their project managers sit in a conference.

After a series of discussions, developers & strategists started accumulating their challenges in a book.


Local Competition Difficulty: Restoring Optimization

VISER X significantly looked for the competitors after starting the operation. As a prominent law firm, Airdrielawyer already got dozens of competitors. Plenty of law firms were dominating the local market with both offline and online activity.

For instance, there were alternative methods to rank up temporarily. But, VISER X took the challenge to set reputation as well as theirs following this way.

  • Bringing organic traffic as much as possible.
  • Designing creatives that create user interest.
  • Posting unique SEO blog content to provide information.
  • Tracking the visitor count, redirections, and guest posts day by day.
  • Apply SERP features for specific law enforcement fields.

Most importantly, all this needed to happen during certain sessions of the fiscal year. VISER X knew that one delay could matter a lot of potential clients to slip in their working periods.

Getting all the challenges, it was time to focus on the clients and make Airdrielawyer great again!

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Throughout the entire process, VISER X convinced Airdrielawyer with their courage of accountability.

The researcher, developer & marketer team portrayed that sustainable plans are better to make, in spite of giving more time and effort.

With the help of VISER X, they were not only able to hit those targets but exceeded them in most cases. By the end of the campaign, the results include an +1,262.20% increase in website traffic. Keyword rankings included competitive phrases like “Injury Lawyer Airdrie” and “Airdrie Lawyer.” 

Through link building, article writing, and onsite optimization, the firm has generated significant visibility in its local market.

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